Stay Clean! Why You Should Wash Your Underwear Freqently

Although no one really wants to talk about it, we are here today to talk to you about the importance of washing your worn underwear and getting rid of it when it’s time. Blogs are a great space for uncomfortable topics. We all need the information, but sometimes it’s a bit too embarrassing to discuss things amongst friends, or even professionals! Being that we are an underwear company, it’s pretty important to discuss underwear hygiene (we should cover it, at least once; right?… right???) Well, either way, here we are, dive in, preferably in the privacy of your own home or office and maybe you’ll come out a little wiser.

First, let us ask; how often do you think that you need to wash your underwear, if at all? (Yes, some people don’t wash their underwear). In case you didn’t know, underwear is the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria and funguses that can make you seriously sick. You may be washing them far less often than you should, and you might be washing them incorrectly! If you are washing them incorrectly, you might as well follow the schedule of the people who don’t wash them at all (we aren’t throwing any shade, but we know sometimes the truth can sting, and it’s not personal – we love you no matter what you do, every clean or dirty one of you.)


Studies have shown that more than 25% of men wear their underwear for two days before they wash them. Not only can this make you feel unkempt, it promotes the perfect breeding ground (warm and wet) for harmful microbes and other pathogens which exposes you to the possibility of certain diseases and infections such as urinary tract infections, blood infections, pneumonia, and serious fungal infections like candida (think thrush, jock itch, athletes foot etc.). The only way to combat these risks is to wash your undies after every.single.wear.

Not only should you wash your underwear after every wear, you should also make sure to change your underwear yearly. Yes, we said it, and not just to sell you more underwear (we swear). Statistically speaking, washing frequently isn’t enough. The pathogens build up, so the best thing to do is replace your underwear annually. Google it, we promise we did not make this up!

When it comes to washing your underwear, as we said, you need to make sure that you are doing it right. When cleaning underwear, you need to make sure that it’s washed in water between 86 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit with a strong detergent. If you hand wash your undergarments, make sure that you definitely use a strong detergent to ensure that bacteria is cleaned off. It may also benefit you to wash your underwear with a special antibacterial laundry detergent, yes it’s a thing – and probably a very good thing. UV light can be helpful, but let’s be honest, it’s not common to come by. So we’ll leave this shameless plug right here: Male Power offers new collections every month, so if you’re in need of new undies, we definitely have something for you (along with all of our long time, staple collections, so if you really love a particular design, you can probably find it again as long as you don’t wait too long to replace).

Of course, as in any other circumstance, there are variables. Some pairs of underwear, depending on the fabric they are made of, have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, like bamboo. Choosing underwear that is made of these fabrics should lessen your worry of bacteria, although it is still best to stay clean and wash your underwear between every wear. Fabric is ultimately everything, though, as some fabrics are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, and these pairs of underwear should be washed more often. When in doubt, wash!

When it comes down to it, if you think that you’ve worn your underwear for too long, you’re probably right. It’s time to go wash your underwear, ya nasty!

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