Boxers or Briefs? Here’s What Your Underwear Says About You

The age old question: boxers or briefs? Well, as time has gone on, those aren’t your only options. From boxer briefs to thongs, jockstraps to g-strings; there are endless possibilities for what you plan on wrapping your package in, and for good reason!

Every guy has always had a choice when it comes to selecting what underwear to wear. But have you ever stopped to take a second to think what that might say about you?

Most guys are pretty fashionable, but often, no one thinks of fashion when it comes to their undergarments; and I ask WHY?! Some people may argue that “no one will see your underwear”, however, I beg to differ. On a day where I know I’m rocking some hot underwear, I have more confidence and I always have a better day. And, who knows, you may be getting down and dirty. So why aren’t you always prepared?

Sure, everyone has their choice of what they’re comfortable wearing, but we think it’s time for you to expand your horizons and try out some new, different underwear designs. You never know, the style choose and love may be entirely different than what you’re wearing now.

Whether you’re the guy that opts for what’s comfy, or you’re the guy that goes for something sexier, here is what your underwear choice says about you.

male power bamboo boxerBoxers: These loose baggy fabric undergarments used to be all the rage when it came to underwear choice, and were a favorite among men since it was roomy and seemed to be the “cool type” of underwear compared to tighty whiteys. As the pants have gotten slimmer, boxer shorts haven’t really been the easy type to wear because fitting all that fabric into some skinny jeans gives you tons of bumps around your package, and not the type of bumps you want. The guy who chooses to wear boxer shorts is probably very low maintenance, and doesn’t really buy into trends. He also probably doesn’t care much about “package” stability, and is more inclined to seek comfort above anything else.

male power tranquil abyss bikiniBriefs: These fitted undergarments are great for the guy who aims to boost their bulge and sculpt their ass. Not to be confused with tighty whiteys the wearer of this type of underwear have them on for a reason. They’re hot, and they know it. That being said, the guy may be a tad conceited, or he just has goals, this may not be the guy you typically take home to mom!

Tighty Whiteys: This kind of underwear ages back hundreds of years, some might even say these are extinct! But we are here to tell you, they’re not and some people still wear them. The type of guy who wears these has the “if it isn’t broke, why fix it?” mentality, and we say, TRY SOME OTHER UNDERWEAR! This type of person either has SUPER COMFORTABLE tighty whiteys or they just don’t want to invest in themselves. A guy who can rock tighty whiteys and still look sexy should be able to rock anything.

male power bamboo enhancer shortBoxer Briefs: This type of underwear is the staple in many guy’s underwear drawers, and for good reason. These represent classic feel and comfort. Over the years, many boxer short wearers have switched to boxer briefs as they are more comfortable and fit better into their lifestyle. The wearer is probably a typical guy who likes to stick to the basics, they can be more of a lover and love cuddles. Who doesn’t love a man who gives cuddles? They know what they’re wearing, and they own it.

man thongThongs: If you encounter a guy who wears a thong, he is probably VERY proud of his ass and wants to show it off. They are typically the guys that steer away from comfort and would rather show of their ASS-ets than be fully and utterly comfortable. If you find a guy who’s rocking this minimal fabric, you’re probably in for a real treat. This guy is probably really bold and isn’t going to stop for anyone who can’t deal with his package.

lace g-stringG-String: The less fabric, the cockier (literally). Typically, if they are wearing a G-String, they are probably very confident, and want to show off every, and I mean EVERY part of themselves. Either that, or their training to be in the next Magic Mike.

jockJockstraps:The more comfortable version of a thong, jockstraps allow a nice breeze, maximum comfort, while also offering support. What could we want more from of a pair of underwear than support? Either he’s an athlete, or he really wants to impress you with his sexy jockstrap.

Bedazzled: If he’s wearing some bedazzled underwear, he is probably either trying to distract you from something, OR he is trying to wrap his package up as a nice gift just for you. Nonetheless, bedazzled underwear seems kind of desperate, but there is a time and a place for everything.

Commando: This type of person has either not done laundry in weeks, or just doesn’t like to give into the idea of the “restriction” of underwear as they might say. They don’t like to be held down, and don’t expect their package to be either. Every guy at one point or another has come out of the shower and just thrown on a pair of shorts without underwear, so if you are doing it in your own home; that’s typical. A guy who chooses to leave the house commando, and work their 9 to 5 gig without any underwear is a pretty bold man, and has to take extra precautions with the zipper after going to the bathroom.

Vintage Torn Up Holey Underwear: Run.

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