Tips on How to Take the Perfect Booty Pic

You know when you get a new pair of sexy underwear and put those bad boys on, right away you’re feeling good, and suddenly in the mirror you’re an underwear model. You probably think, I can’t just keep this to myself, I should have a photoshoot in my new gear. You take a search online, how to take booty pics? It can’t be that hard, right? Some struggle to take good booty pics, but were here with some tips for you to take the best booty pics that even your mom would be proud of.  Literally everyone can appreciate a nice booty pic when it’s done right. So if you haven’t already, give it a shot.

Regardless of your shape or size, we all can agree rocking your new underwear can definitely make you feel more confident. This is with good reason, the fabric fits perfectly against you, the color is as vibrant and fresh as ever, and most important, your new MP pick highlights your best assets. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t feel confident every day, here at Male Power we make sure to offer only the best, so you can feel this great all the time. At this point, you’ve come to this page to learn how to take good booty pics, so we’re going to teach you just that. Now, it can be hard to capture the perfect booty pic, but we’re here today with some tips and tricks to achieve the perfect photo.

  1. Lighting & Position

Everyone’s mastered the selfie, so we know that you understand some of the most important aspects of photography, but we are going to reiterate them anyway. Flattering light and the right angle are E V E R Y T H I N G to any type of selfie, whether it be a booty pic or not. Make sure to find some natural light to show off your new undies, not the phone flash or fluorescent lights as these aren’t going to be as flattering. Two words for you, Golden Hour. As you selfie masters know, Golden Hour is the time of day where the sun has almost fully set and it is the time for the perfect diffused natural light to make your booty glow, and truly get the best booty pics for all you big booty boys.

Now for the angle, you know your body better than anyone ever will, so you know what angles look best. If you’re saying, “Hey, no I don’t!” then it’s easy to figure that out. While you take the perfect booty pic, it is important to try as many angles as possible until you find a winner. How do you find the winner you might ask? Well that’s up to you, whatever angle YOU think looks best and YOU feel good with, that’s the winner. As a tip. Facing slightly away from the camera with a three quarter profile of your butt is probably best. Try to angle your butt closer to the camera than your upper body making it appear bigger. If you suffer with shorter arms, you may want to try and use a selfie stick. Selfie sticks allow you to get the perfect angle that you’d want without having to bend into a pretzel.

  1. Shots-Shots-Shots-Shots-Shots-Shots! (Photography-shots that is)

Like we said before, it’s up to you to choose what booty pic looks best, so make sure that you’re getting multiple shots of each angle. You’ll be much happier later when you’re going to pick the perfect shot. The more photos the merrier, no one ever takes a perfect picture of themselves on the first shot, especially if you’re trying to get a good booty pic. Taking more pictures gives you much more opportunity to find the best pic.

  1. Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors are vital to sexy booty pics. They’re very easy to do since most bathroom mirrors are huge they are a perfect place to take your next underwear model shot. Not to mention, get some steam going from a shower and it’ll add a whole new meaning to the steamy, sexy booty pic.

Make sure to check the counters though, there’s nothing worse than having the perfect booty pic, but having something embarrassing on the counter that distracts from your ASS-ets.

  1. Wear The Right Underwear

So I know I started off this post by saying that you just got a new pair of mens sexy underwear, but that may not be the case. (If you get a new pair every day, boy are you lucky) Making sure to wear sexy underwear in a good booty pic adds a whole new meaning. Sure, everyone can appreciate a nice nude booty pic, but nothing is better than letting your viewers’ imagination run wild while you wear a flattering tight pair of sexy underwear. Wearing sexy underwear will show off your body in all the right places and will help to take your sexy booty pic to the next level. Keep it interesting, and add a pair of sexy underwear.

  1. Post Gym

If you’re someone that likes to hit the gym, then after your workout may be the best time to take that beautiful big booty pic. The reason why is because the blood is still pumping, your muscles are biggest, and it is the best time to show off what all your hard work and squats have done. Feel free to take a booty pic during your workout, but that’s only something for the brave. Better yet, get a workout buddy who takes the perfect booty pics for you, you know what they say, a true friend takes the best booty pics. (Is that even what they say?)

Regardless of what anyone thinks, and that you may think that these booty pics are for others, keep in mind that these should make YOU feel good. Don’t worry about impressing anyone else as long as you impress yourself. Although sexy underwear can turn heads, it’s most important that you feel sexy and confident in them first.

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