It’s Your Time to Shine: Dazzle

Think of this, it’s date night, although it probably seems like any another night. That is, with the countless other dates you’ve already had, especially if it’s not your first date. But you think to yourself, how can I make this one special?

You take a look into your underwear drawer, and you see the same underwear that you’ve worn time and time again. Isn’t it time for a switch up from your ordinary boxer brief? Or, better yet, a switch up from the same pair of sexy underwear you wear each time? No matter the agenda, or the plan for the night, our new Dazzle collection is sure to light up your partner’s eyes as they take a peek at what’s underneath!

This new exciting line features supple and comfortable fabric with shimmering metallic stripes that are sure to turn heads in two retro-inspired colors. The line also features faux-leather waistband and trim to give you a boost in all the right places. Whether it be a night on the town or a home-cooked meal night in, here’s when you should choose each style.


Night On the Town

If your date night consists of dinner reservations at the same restaurant, it’s about time you make a change. If your significant other is adamant about going to this same restaurant, then switching up your underwear is the only option you have! For a night on the town, we recommend the Dazzle Insert Bikini. Not only will you be comfortable all night, but with accenting faux leather trim around your pouch you’re sure to draw attention to dessert!

dazzle bikini





Night In

If you and your partner opt for the night in under a candlelit home-cooked meal, then we recommend the Dazzle Insert Short. This short is sure to give you maximum comfort while also still featuring its dazzling metallic fabric. Don’t worry, candlelight won’t be the only thing lighting up the room while you strut your stuff in this sexy underwear.

dazzle short






We all know and love the infamous mini-golf date, oftentimes couples will opt for this date if they’re feeling rather sporty and want to switch things up in the summer. But being more active than sitting at a dinner table, you’re going to want to be comfortable and able to move. That’s where the Dazzle Panel Jock comes in. Not only will you feel sporty while rocking this jock, but you’ll also be able to increase your chances of getting a hole in one, in more ways than one.

dazzle jock





Karaoke Night

Confidence comes from within, especially when it comes to karaoke night. Not many have the confidence to get up on the stage and belt out the lyrics to their favorite songs in front of a ton of strangers. That’s where the Dazzle Insert Thong comes in. Knowing you have a sexy pair of underwear underneath, you’re sure to feel confident and ready to show off, even if your dazzling underwear is only to be seen by your partner. Dazzle the crowd with your awesome vocals, just like you’re going to dazzle your partner with your sexy thong.





Dazzle is offered in four different styles in two retro-inspired colors, this collection is great for any special occasion. Being subtly ribbed, this underwear is sure to shimmer in any light and keep eyeballs glued to what’s most intriguing. What do you think of this new line? What style is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below just how much your partner was dazzled!

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