The Beauty of the Behind

Whether it be a thong, or jock, trunk or bikini. We need to put an emphasis on the importance and beauty of one of the most important parts of your underwear, the behind! Let’s be real, it’s not as great as the pouch, but it sure does come pretty close. Why not try out a pair of mens backless underwear? With an array of different styles, each one provides a different benefit to you and your butt. Today, we will be taking a look into what each of these styles can do for your behind.

sexy man thong

The Thong

With the least amount of fabric, you would think that the thong does absolutely nothing for your derriere. Well this is definitely a myth! The thong may have minimal fabric, but not where it counts. Thong cuts ensure your bum will be free and have tons of breathing room. One of the best parts of a thong is the way that it frames your booty. With a waistband that is perfectly snug, but not too tight, it will enhance your butt. This ensures it’s looking its best and perkiest. The way a thong is structured, it is specifically designed to make your butt look great. Thongs for men are really hot, super comfortable, and can give you some serious confidence.

beauty of the behind

The Jockstrap

The most similar to a brief but with less fabric in the back, a jockstrap is also great at providing some serious air flow to your behind. The way it is designed, a jockstrap surrounds the outside of your butt pulling it up from the bottom and ensuring that you get the perfect amount of support with tons of freedom. Nothing’s better than pulling down your partners’ pants and revealing a sexy jockstrap. Not only does a jockstrap provide maximum freedom, but it also provides some serious comfort. If you haven’t tried a jockstrap, now might be the time, you can thank us later!

male power blog beauty of the behind

The Bikini

If you’re someone who is looking for maximum “booty-age” the bikini might be the best choice for you. Modern and fashionable, bikinis are designed with your booty in mind, offering maximum support and pulling that bad boy up. Not only are briefs super supportive to your bottom but they also can provide maximum comfort and give you a nice silhouette in all the right places. Ultimate comfort while also providing you with a great looking butt? What more could you ask for in a pair of underwear…

men's trunk

The Mini Short

Nothing is better than someone with a cute bubble butt in a mini short. Mini shorts provide you with maximum coverage while also acting as a nice shaper to your behind. If you found the right pair of shorts, it would be the pair that provides a perfect, snug fit that makes your butt look great but isn’t too tight so that the pair isn’t uncomfortable. With a wide array of fabric choices for your mini shorts, the choices are endless! For maximum shape and booty, we recommend any combination of cotton, spandex, nylon, or polyester.

Although the structure of the underwear has a lot to do with the way they make your butt look, color plays a huge part in making your butt appear much larger (or smaller) and potentially, even more appealing than it already is. If you are trying to make your butt appear larger, you’re going to want to stick with some lighter colors. If you want to appear smaller, then a patterned style, or dark colors such as black or navy will be your best bet. A great pair of white underwear can help make your butt look great!

Regardless of the shape or size of your behind, you have to love it. Why not enhance it with a pair of mens backless underwear? There’s nothing sexier than confidence, so if you’re lacking in the booty department as long as you’re comfortable in your own skin and love how you look, others will notice that confidence and feel that way about you too. Nothing a new pair of sexy underwear can’t fix!

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