Does Fabric Matter?

Yes, fabric absolutely matters! The underwear’s material is just as important as how it looks, if not more so. You can have a sexy pair of underwear; but what is the point if every second you are wearing it you are either uncomfortable, itchy or even in pain? I mean, really, what’s the point?! There are so many fabric options out there. With luxury underwear becoming increasingly popular and more available, it’s probably time to learn what the differences in fabrics are; and what the best underwear fabric for you and your comfort is.

The three most important things about underwear include: comfort, breathability, and support. Linen was the fabric of choice for original underwear designs. It easily fit all three of the basic requirements. As time went on, the use of different types of fabrics not only added a different look, they also added a new level of comfortability. The newer fabric choices can even help to keep you cooler and drier. Today we are going to take a look at the most popular fabrics when it comes to underwear, their perks and also their downfalls.

cotton underwear for men

Cotton: It’s only fitting that we start out with cotton, since it’s one of the oldest materials used for underwear and is still one of the most popular fabrics today. The big benefits to cotton is that it is naturally breathable, soft, and hypoallergenic. This makes cotton one of the best fabrics in more humid climates, since they breathe so well. This fabric has a much lower chance of irritating your skin as well.

men's modal underwear

Modal: This type of fabric is among the softest types of fabric in the underwear market. It’s usually a blend of natural and man-made fibers. Modal is cool to the touch, absorbent and even better, is most likely to keep its shape wash after wash. They are very comfortable and great for lounging, and the absorbency makes it ideal for working out as well.

best men's bamboo underwear

Bamboo: Made from the pulp of bamboo grass, this type of fabric is light and very strong. It naturally has moisture-wicking, antibacterial and antifungal properties, and it also features thermal control, meaning it keeps you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. Bamboo fabric is perfect for anyone who has sensitive skin that can get easily irritated. It’s a great strong breathable fabric and can be worn for everything.

nylon men's underwear

Nylon: This man-made fabric was originally created as an alternative to silk. The fabric is super lightweight, very durable, and has low moisture absorbency making is very breathable.

polyester men's underwear

Polyester: Mostly known for its ability to hold color very well, this fabric is a man-made fiber that has great strength and durability. Since it does not absorb moisture, it is quick drying and often made in attractive prints, making it a perfect choice for daily wear.

Mesh: This fabric is super popular among sportswear as it is very light and breathable. Inclusive of many holes it allows air to flow freely. The fabric is pretty durable and comfortable making it very popular among many athletes. It’s also often see-through, which makes it a top-choice for bedroom wear.

men's silk underwear

Silk: Silk is one of the strongest materials known to man. Even though the fibers themselves are super strong, the fabric when you’re wearing it feels lightweight. On top of the weight and durability of the fabric, silk has thermal controlling properties (which means it can retain warmth or cool you down when it’s hot). Silk also has a good affinity to dyes, so it will stay vibrant for longer. Most known for its luxurious feel, Silk can also be made in multiple finishes (knit and charmeuse are the most popular). This fabric is perfect for those who want to treat themselves or others to luxury and durability.

men's spandex underwear

Spandex: This fabric, also known as elastane is a synthetic fiber that is pliable and offers tons of stretch. Often paired with other fabrics such as cotton, bamboo, polyester, nylon etc. because it adds the perfect amount of stretch to a garment. It’s lightweight, elastic, durable and most importantly, resistant to moisture. Underwear that has spandex in it is perfect for an active person. Spandex underwear is comfortable and it retains its shape. Almost all off Male Power’s garments have spandex in them to guarantee a satisfying fit.

At Male Power we offer a large array of underwear in many different fabrics. This is great because depending on your needs and what you are looking for in a pair of underwear, we can provide you with whatever fabric best for you.

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