The Almighty Pouch: Why The Right Pouch Is So Important

We know some people may contend that there are more important aspects to underwear. However, we think it’s crucial to acknowledge the relevance of the “all mighty pouch”. If you think about it, aside from aesthetics; it doesn’t really matter how many cutouts there are in the back or on the sides of your underwear. What does matter is that the front of your underwear is supportive, comfortable and flattering. Often, people don’t realize how much engineering goes into forming the perfect pouch. Here at Male Power, we take comfort very seriously. Which is one of the reasons why we created our Pocket Pouch collection. Upper and lower pockets are located inside the pouch to make sure each design supports every aspect of your package.

Today, we will be going over the different components of the pouch and what you may want to consider. The goal is to help you choose the best underwear for you. One of the biggest issues that comes up, is when the pouch that doesn’t show off your package as well as it should. Some common issues men come into contact with when it comes to the pouch on their underwear are:

  • Not enough support
  • Family Jewel Chaffing
  • Sweating in strange places
  • Unflattering silhouette
  • Free willy in your pants

Here are three tips to make sure your package looks its best!

Wear The Right Size: You need to make sure that you are choosing underwear that’s the right size. Wrong sized underwear not only falls off, it could go the other direction and end up cutting off circulation. Aside from being uncomfortable, it’s simply not visually appealing. A pair of underwear that has the perfect fit not only feels great, but also looks great. Make sure that you know your size. You can find our size chart on every product page for your convenience. Feel free to compare your measurements to our chart to guarantee the perfect fit.

Wear The Right Design: This one all comes down to your preference. Some people love a whole ton of support, while others prefer a less supportive pouch that still offers only some stability. The pouch of your underwear should feel flexible, yet firm. You’ll want to make sure that the pouch fits your package like a nice warm hug. If you are someone that loves support and a nice package push up, look for a pair of underwear that is form fitting and is tighter in all the right places.

best men's bamboo underwear

Wear The Right Fabric: Sweating and chaffing of the family jewels can not only be attributed to the fit of your underwear; but can also be attributed to the fabric that your underwear is made of. When looking for the best type of fabric to prevent chaffing, you’ll want to choose underwear that is breathable and fits nicely without strangling you. That’s where the “active” type fabrics come in. A cotton/spandex blend is perfect for breathability. If you’re someone who seriously sweats, opt for a pair of underwear that contains more cotton than spandex to wick away any moisture, like bamboo.

Regardless of your view on underwear, we should all agree that there is nothing better than the pouch of your underwear fitting you perfectly. All of our underwear is designed to support and sculpt your package for the perfect fit. Feel free to check out our underwear to find a pair that will provide you with the PERFECT pouch for you package.

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