It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s IRON CLAD!

In a world full of boring underwear, it might be time to shake it up. We’re here today to introduce you to something new, that will be sure to switch up your underwear wardrobe more than just a little bit.

iron clad male power blog

The Iron Clad collection will make you feel like a superhero every day you wear them because it features a high tech fabric with a rubber like quality. Ultra-thin and flexible, lightweight and breathable, you’ll be comfortable all day long. Each style includes includes a mesh pouch that keeps your package cool and comfortable. The best part of this line is the extending inserts that encircle your hips and rear, ensuring your butt will always look great.

The line features three of Male Power’s most popular styles, mini short, bikini, and thong. What type of superhero are you? Regardless of your type, there’s a style of Iron Clad for you! Keep reading to find out your best fit.

the speedster iron clad short

The Speedster

If you’re the type that likes to keep things super quick while you fight crime, then the Iron Clad short is for you. Ensuring no wedgies, no matter how fast you go, you’ll be wrapped in comfort all day long. This style, with its minimalist black rubber-like waistband, is sure to keep you looking your best. The style features abstract detailing under the waistband and just above each leg, with a breathable black poly mesh in the center, you can give a sneak peek of your package and your butt without putting them on full show. Want to switch things up? Then the Iron Clad Short is for you.

the flyer iron clad thong

The Flyer

If you’re the superhero type that swings from building to building or just flies through the sky, then the Iron Clad Thong is for you. Keeping you aerodynamic as you move through the air, this style is sure to give you maximum air and breathability while also holding everything in. Featuring a mesh pouch with iron like detailing you’ll look sharp while fighting crime.

the swimmer iron clad bikini

The Swimmer

Live in the water and are one with marine life? Then the Iron Clad Bikini is for you. Featuring a small mesh pouch in front and a sneak peek of mesh behind this style is sure to keep you covered and comfortable while you speed through the water. With its subtle texturized pattern, smooth, and soft-touch finish you’ll feel like a superhero in a bodysuit without the restrictive feeling of an actual superhero costume. With its industrial minimalist look, this style is sure to keep you looking your best.

sexy guy in bed

Although we recommended this collection for superhero’s, we also suggest them for all. Every single day we make the world we live in just a little bit better, and for that, we’re all superheroes. While wearing Iron Clad, try to be the superhero the world needs and do something to make someone’s day just a little bit better. Which style is your favorite? What is your favorite thing about the Iron Clad line? Do you have any recommendations for future lines? Sound off below in the comments, we’d love to hear what you think!

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