Why Jockstraps NEED to Be Your Underwear of Choice

As a guy, you know what it’s like to consider the position of your manhood at all times. Unfortunately, a man’s most sensitive and prized part is placed between two very active limbs. Which can be a huge problem for those who live an active lifestyle. It may be hard to keep your package in the “locked and loaded” position, and that’s where jockstraps come in.

Let’s keep in mind, the jockstrap was originally engineered to support your package and keep it out of the way during activities that require lots of movement. They are still, to this day, perfect for that. Besides the obvious reasons why jockstraps should be used, there are quite a few other important reasons that many men choose this sexy underwear to be their daily choice for package support.

They’re actually very comfortable:

Shockingly enough, jockstraps are incredibly comfortable. Briefs can ride up in both the front and the back. But with jockstraps, if you order the correct size, they don’t ride up and can be much more comfortable than briefs. So, forget underwear that rides up and causes irritation between your legs! With a thick elastic waistband and under-butt straps, jockstraps do what underwear was designed to do but without all that extra fabric.

Lots of support:

Said to be the “sports bra for your junk”, jockstraps provide lots of support to keep your equipment in the locked and loaded position making you ready for just about anything, including some turbulence. Jockstraps keep everything in place and where they’re supposed to be.

Room for more undies:

Based on their size, not only do they take up less space in your dresser, they actually take much less time to wash and dry. Just throw them in the washer and the drier and they’re done in a jiffy. Taking up little to no space, and requiring no folding, this underwear design is the perfect addition to your wardrobe.


Adds some spice to your life:

No matter what you’re wearing on top, under your clothes you know that you’re wearing some sexy underwear. Not only will this make you feel good, but it will give you the confidence needed to get you through your day. In addition to that, it can add some spice to your daily outfit, boring work attire, and overall your life.

Finally, you can breathe:

With less fabric, jockstraps are perfect for those of us who get a little too much booty sweat. No longer will you be covered in butt sweat because too much fabric is making you SWEAT MORE. Jockstraps have an open back, so you can set those cheeks free, and let them breathe!

Cost effective:

With less fabric, comes lower cost. One of the large reasons why jockstraps are becoming increasingly popular, is because they cost less than other underwear (depending where you go of course). There is less fabric, so there is less product cost, skip the full length boxer shorts, and get a jockstrap for about half the cost.

Sex appeal:

Nothing is sexier than getting down and dirty with your partner and revealing a jockstrap that accentuates you in all the right places. This type of underwear has been said to be one of the sexiest in recent years. Try one out, we know you’ll get some compliments next time the pants come off.

Regardless of how you feel about jockstraps, we definitely think that they’re something you should try, at least once! You never know, these might be your new favorite style of underwear. Not sure where to start? With tons of colors, fabrics and design accents available, you’re bound to find something that fits your style. Check out our jockstrap page here to find the perfect one for you, we KNOW you won’t be sorry!

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