Cool and Cozy

Cool-weather is right around the corner, and this means spending extra time indoors (or outdoors if you’re into turning into an ice cube!) But that doesn’t mean your underwear needs to only be for function (think long-johns). Maybe it’s time to spice it up…

With the new Heather Haze line from Male Power, you’re sure to add some variety and fun to your underwear drawer. Introducing four unique styles made of poly-spandex in charcoal grey, this is a new spin on our popular Heather line, but revamped! There’s nothing better than cozying up when it’s cold outside in a soft and warm blanket, so why shouldn’t your package have the same sensation?

The line features vivid and decorative stitching with plush elastic to liven and brighten even the dreariest of days. With the addition of cutouts and windows, you’re sure to look your best without giving out the whole show for free. These are the perfect designs to be a tease or just feel sexy while taking a peek in the mirror. Now, let’s take a closer look at each style in the collection, and figure out when is the best time to cozy up in your new Heather Haze.

cool and cozy underwear

Snug as A Bug in A Rug

If you’re someone who likes to stay warm and covered up in the winter, then the Cutout Short is for you. Featuring the most coverage with two hip cutouts, this pair is sure to keep you cozy while also showing a little of your wild side. Not to mention, this style also features a window on the behind to make sure to give a sneak peek to whoever is looking. If you like to stay cozy wrapped in a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate by the fireplace, then the Cutout Short is the best style for you.

heather haze bikini


If you tend to spend a little more time on the wild side in the winter and like to spend the occasional day out in the snow then the Cutout Bikini is for you. Accentuating your package, the pouch on this pair is sure to turn some heads. Featuring the same comfy heather fabric to keep your package and behind covered and cozy, this pair features two hip cutouts with a gorgeous purple plush elastic. The purple is sure to pop against the charcoal gray as you lose your summer glow. If you’re someone who likes to live a little on the wild side but loves to come in for cuddles at the end of the day, then the Cutout Bikini is your style.

heather haze thong


This one is for those of you who go with the flow and wherever the wind would take you. You’re someone who likes to be intimate but also likes to spice things up. If this sounds like you, then the Cutout Thong is for you. Featuring maximum support in the pouch with our comfy heather fabric, this style is sure to meet the requirements of business in the front party in the back. That’s by featuring two hip cutouts towards the behind, while also giving your booty the added lift it needs to look its best. Want to add some heat to your Winter this year? Then you need to try out the Cutout Thong.

cozy jock


Don’t slowdown in the winter at all? Then the cutout jock is for you. Featuring maximum cutouts while still offering tons of support, this style is sure to keep you secure and compact while you go sledding or during a snowball fight. This style features two scandalous hip cutouts and a sneak peek window in the back, its sure to keep you feeling and looking your best all Winter long. With the addition of the gorgeous purple plush elastic bands to match the stitching, this style is sure to make you look fire! But be careful, don’t go outside in just the Cutout Jock because you’ll be sure to melt some snow!

Just because you’re covered up doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy underneath. We are firm believers that you must feel good on the inside (or the underneath) to look and feel good on the outside! Keeping you super cozy while also keeping you super sexy, the Heather Haze line will keep you nice and hot all Winter. What do you think of the Heather Haze line? Do you love the purple stitching and design? Leave a comment below to let us know what you think!


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