Working Out: The Underwear Choice

The last thing you want during your workout is someone who can’t keep up with you, so why would you accept any less from your underwear? Whether you’re pumping some iron, hitting the pavement for a run, or participating in the dreaded “leg day”. Feeling comfortable and secure during your workout should be one of your top priorities.

Most people, when thinking of what underwear is best for workouts; look for a pair that are super lightweight to help combat the sweat that comes along with working out. But sometimes, they forget about the importance of support. Like anything, there’s no “one size fits all” type of underwear to wear during your workout, as everyone has different needs and preferences. We are here today to give you the rundown on different types of underwear and the benefits of each during your workout.

bamboo short for working out

The All Around
If you’re not looking for anything in particular when it comes to choosing your underwear, and you are just looking for a pair that are comfortable, breathable, moisture-wicking, and offer some support then take a look at our Bamboo Pouch Enhancer Short. Made of luxurious bamboo, this underwear is naturally temperature controlled, breathable, and moisture-wicking, so your junk won’t be suffocated while you work out. Guess what else? Bamboo is naturally antibacterial so no need to worry about bacteria messing with your family jewels. Whether you’re going for a run or maxing out your PR for your squats you can never go wrong with a pair of underwear from our Bamboo collection.

Working Out: The Underwear Choice

The Supporter

If your main priority is support, then looking for a brief, with a nice pouch should be your number one priority. This might be someone that hits the pavement daily (or the treadmill) and needs maximum support from their underwear. If this sounds like you, you can’t go wrong with our Pocket Pouch collection. This group’s number one goal is to offer you some serious support. It’s made with both upper and lower pockets this keeps your package secure no matter the length of your run; and the fabric is a soft and cool, cotton blend. It offers some great breathability and support for your package.

mens underwear without panty lines

The No Lines

If you’re someone that likes to wear something fitted during your squats that will also show off your ASS-ets then looking for a pair of underwear with no seams is probably your number one choice. Our Seamless Sleek collection is free of any seams, so that means fewer lines on your booty while you show it off; it’s truly like wearing a second skin. These designs are super comfortable and made of microfiber, giving it an ultra-smooth finish, and is perfect for anyone that’s looking for a comfortable pair while showing off that booty that you’ve worked so hard for.

thongs for working out

The Post Workout Selfie

If you’re someone that likes to snap a few photos showing off your progress after your workout then you need to look for a pair of underwear that’s bold and going to make a statement. Although you’re showing your progress, that isn’t the only thing you’re trying to show, as you’d love for eyes to travel down to your package. That’s where our Retro Active Bong Thong comes in! Available in two bright styles, this underwear is going to be sure to turn heads while you take your post workout shots. Not to mention, it allows for a full range of motion during your workout with its all-around stretch.

silk underwear for working out

The Free Bird

If you’re someone who usually likes maximum air and breathability during a workout, but are too scared to go commando then a jockstrap is probably the choice for you. Offering tons of freedom, Magic Silk’s Silk Knit Jockstrap is made of 100% luxurious silk to keep you cool during your whole workout. Not to mention, offering some support with its front pouch while leaving your behind completely free and ready for some air. This pair is sure to catch some attention in the locker room after your workout.

No matter what your preference is for underwear during your workout, everyone knows what works for them so don’t wear a pair just because someone else says to. Like we said earlier, underwear is not “one size fits all”, so be sure to try out a bunch of different pairs to find out what works for you. What do you wear during your workout? Sound off in the comments below.

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