Business On Top, Party Underneath

You know what it’s like working in an office… Stuck doing the same tasks daily, in a strict “business professional” dress code. Although, as time has gone one, and office culture gets a little more modernized; more colors are introduced and accepted within traditional business attire. Nevertheless, the changes have been small and relatively unsubstantial. There really isn’t anything fun about most office approved outfits. Day to day, greys and blacks can be accented with a subtle colors. But at the end of the day not even pinstripes can really jazz you up on the inside. Regardless of how sharp you look. That’s where your underwear comes in.

Male Power offers the largest variety of men’s underwear in the world. This includes many fun and unique options for you to wear under your office-restricted clothing. If you try something new, you might find yourself more comfortable and a little uninhibited. Let’s take a look at where you might fit in, when it comes to what kind of underwear you should consider under your business suit.


colorful men's underwear

Need a Little Fun?

If fun was a color what would it be? A bright color of course! When it comes to underwear, if you’re looking for something that screams fun; you want to look for something that either has some bright colors, or something that has a funky pattern that you really can get behind.  If your preference is in the color, then you might want to opt for our Retro Active Mini Short available in purple and orange. With their all-way stretch and comfort pouches any of the styles offered are perfect choice to liven up your day. If you’re looking for more of a funky pattern, then the Kaleidoscope collection might be for you. Contrasting, black plush elastic accents and a super bright printed pattern makes this collection all around fun. If you really want to smile bright knowing what you’re rocking underneath, check out our Neon Mesh collection. Incredibly soft, comfortable and racy; Its mesh is completely see-through and available in four neon colors: Lime, Orange, Pink, and Yellow.

Want to Feel Luxurious?

Are you the type of person that wants to feel fancy under your clothes? If you are, then our line of silk underwear is perfect for you. There’s nothing better than slipping into your favorite pair of comfortable silk underwear. The feeling of the soft and cool fabric on your package is second to none. With ten underwear styles offered in black, cobalt and red, we have the perfect choice to match any of your suits. Check out our Magic Silk Knit Panel Short, with the plush branded elastic waistband and soft, supple and beautifully crafted knit silk fabric, these are the perfect pair of undies to wear under any business attire.

Are You Frisky?

Are you a business professional on the outside but on the inside you’re a little (or a lot) kinky? Well your underwear is the perfect place to show off your kinky side without putting it on show for everyone in your office. Try on our Peep Show Jock, this pair has some metal ring accents with a mesh that gives a peek of what’s underneath. With the sexy accents throughout, this jock is the perfect style for someone to stay kinky and still be professional.

Are You All For Comfort?

If you’re the type of person that is all for comfort during the long hours of sitting at your desk. Then we have a ton of different styles that accentuate your body and are super comfortable. It comes down to the fabric, and we have many different options for you to choose from. If you’re looking for comfort it might be best to look for something that breathes well, keeps you cool, and provides you with the most comfort possible. Our Heather Rib Low Rise Enhancer Bikini holds you in in all the right places. It’s made of a super soft combination of Rayon, Poly, and Spandex to offer maximum comfort. If you’re someone who sweats down there, especially in the summer, you might want to opt for more of a breathable fabric like Bamboo. The Bamboo collection is naturally thermal controlled and moisture-wicking while also offering great fit and comfort for any day in the office.

Want Some Air?

If you’re someone that likes to be a little free and to feel the soft fabric of your dress pants on your booty. You might want to opt for a pair of underwear like our Liquid Onyx Posing Strap. With a G-string back and a plush elastic trim, this four-way stretch comfort pouch is the perfect pair of underwear to offer maximum comfort while also keeping you free and covered.

Regardless of your choice of underwear, it’s always important to choose what you like and you’re comfortable wearing. That being said, it may also benefit you to choose a pair of underwear that you might not wear regularly in your day to day life. To get out of your daily rut pick a pair to seriously spice up your day. Hey, you never know, it might be your new go-to pair of underwear.

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