Are You Wearing the Wrong Underwear?

Underwear: A basic, yet very important, piece of clothing that many people wear every day. Just like anything, everyone has a preference to what they like to wear and what is most comfortable to them. Most clothing looks different depending on the person’s body type, and mens sexy underwear is absolutely no different. Considering, underwear is the article of clothing that is the closest to not only your body, but your most sensitive parts; you need to be honest with yourself and choose fabric that’s the most comfortable in addition to breathable. Equally important is that it offers the support that you need. If your underpants don’t fit your needs, it’s time to look for a new pair.

Today we are here to give you the run down about different types of underwear for each body type. Like all clothing, underwear is not “one size fits all” when it comes to style. You want to be sure to take a look at your options before diving in. This is a suggestive blog, if you don’t like the underwear that we suggest for your body type, that’s OK. It’s important that YOU love yourself and what you wear! However, if your pair is falling off, digging into your legs, or riding up and giving you a wedgie, chances are you’re probably wearing the wrong underwear.

We are go

ing to break down each type of underwear under the following body types:
-Thin Body Type
-Fit Body Type
-Muscular Body Type
-Wide Hips Body Type
-Big Body Type

1. Boxer Shorts
Best for: Maximum Breathability
Compatible with: Big, Fit, & Muscular

Originally inspired by the athletes who wore them.. Boxers were designed to provide lots of space so the fighters could move around freely during fights. That being said, boxers are designed to be a little larger than the wearers legs. In all reality, boxers are a great fit for everyone; however, they’re a fantastic choice for someone with a wider frame and thicker legs. This type of underwear is not only comfortable but it will make your large legs look fantastic!

mens bikini brief underwear

2. Bikinis
Best for: Men with Larger Legs & a Larger Package
Compatible with: Thin, Fit, & Muscular

Being the complete opposite of boxer shorts, these are the type of underwear that everyone knows about. Not to be confused with “tighty-whities”, this type of underwear has had a serious makeover over the years. Bikini briefs typically have a “Y front” that not only offers a ton of support but also shows off your package. The full-rear coverage ensures that your buns will be attractively framed and also comfortably supported.

3. Boxer Briefs
Best for: Taller Men with a Big Booty
Compatible with: All Body Types!

The combination of boxer shorts and briefs, boxer briefs have become increasingly popular over the years. All the great things about both types of underwear are included in this hybrid; leg coverage, while also offering supreme pouch support and comfortability. Said to be the most versatile type of underwear, nothing will feel too tight, everything feels very supported and covered, you can’t go wrong with a pair of boxer briefs. Boxer briefs often have a higher waistband so they are perfect for taller men as they will keep them covered when bending over not slipping down.

4. Trunks
Best for: Athletic, Thin, or Wide Hipped Men
Compatible with: Thin, Fit, Muscular, & Wide Hipped

Very similar to boxer briefs; trunks are a short that is fitted and has high-cut legs, and a low-cut waist. They’re pretty much the same thing to boxer briefs, except with a shorter leg revealing more of the thigh. Typically, trunks keep their fit for a while longer than boxer briefs as their fabric is usually different. Since trunks typically are shorter and are tighter to the body, they’re not a great a choice for bigger guys, but if you have big hips they’re perfect to show off your assets.

4. Jockstraps
Best for: The Adventurous
Compatible with: Fit, Muscular, Thin, & Wide Hipped

Unlike any other pair of underwear, jockstraps offer support to the package while allowing the booty to be fully exposed. Typically, guys love to wear mens jockstraps while working out or playing sports (which is what they were originated for). Not only does this type of underwear offer excellent support while you’re active, they’re also sexy as hell.

5. Thongs
Best for: Showing Off the Booty
Compatible with: Fit, Muscular, & Wide Hipped

Offering supreme support for the package, mens thongs have become an increasingly versatile and popular type of underwear for men. After years of thongs only being popular with women’s wear, we’re happy it’s finally time for the men’s thong. Just like with women, there is a huge sex appeal that comes with the thong, as the underwear always gives a great show of the booty. The best and most surprising benefit? No riding up undies and no more wedgies, especially when working out!

Like we said, this post is only a means of suggestion, and you are free to wear whatever style of underwear you like! When it comes down to it, your comfort is the most important thing over anything else. If your underwear isn’t comfortable, stop lying to yourself and make a change. What type of underwear do you like to wear and why? Comment below, we’d love to hear why!

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