Is Wearing Pink the Missing Link?



As time has progressed, men wearing pink has become something that’s become far and few between. With countless years of society telling everyone that pink was feminine, we think it’s time to challenge those opinions and put them to rest. Because wearing pink is sexy for anyone who dons the sensual color.


Not only does wearing pink make you look sexy, but it will also make you feel sexy too. As you wear pink and strut your stuff, you’re sure to feel confident. Before we give you a couple of reasons why you should wear pink, let’s take a minute to look back in history to figure out where this “pink is for girls, blue is for boys” concept came from.

If you look back to the 19th century, you’ll find that all babies and toddlers were dressed in unisex all white dresses, regardless of gender. In Jo B. Paoletti’s Pink and Blue: Telling the Boys from the Girls in America: pink and blue were used interchangeably and were never typically considered to be gender-specific colors. Pink and blue were originally used to distinguish between the old and the young (rather than genders). Pink was more associated with innocence, health, and newborns, because of their flushed cheeks and skin. That being said, pink was associated with all newborns and toddlers regardless of gender.

So, how did pink and blue come to the gender association we know today? It turns out, after “decades of research” this association can be tracked back to the 1980’s! Wow, that was a shocker to say the least. (if you’re interested in the details, you can find the full article here). But the summarized version, is it was a marketing ploy. This gives us even more reason to change our way of thinking. Let’s dive into 3 valid reasons why pink should be your new color of choice, or at least added to your repertoire.


Pink Catches Attention

Think about it, you’re at work and you’re in a sea of white, blue, and black button-ups. Then, you walk through the door with a pink shirt or tie. You’re sure to stand out all day long and turn heads as you walk by. It appears that all people have an innate attachment and likeness to the color pink. Among women and men, individuals just feel comfortable with the color pink and are more drawn to it. Regardless of your sexual preference, pink gets you the ladies and the men. Point blank, period!

Pink Makes You Powerful

Over the years pink has been connected to a sense of power and strength. For survivors of breast cancer, they are often given a pink ribbon to represent their strength and power for being a survivor. Not to mention, have you ever heard of the statement, “real men wear pink”? In this day and age, men are experimenting with brighter colors, and they are showing that they are not afraid to try something new. Not to mention, it gives a little boost to the men who wear pink as they radiate confidence.

does pink go with everything

Pink Goes with Everything

It’s an innate fact of color science that the color pink goes with just about everything. To add to that, there’s a shade of pink to go with every skin tone. The reason being, all skin tones are made up of some amount of pink. Men with darker complexions look fantastic in lighter shades of pink, while men with lighter or fairer complexions look great in darker shades of pink. Vibrant or hot pink seems to complement all skin tones. Also, adding pink to darker and more monochrome outfits are a great addition that’s sure to add a nice pop of color. With its endless matching possibilities, pink clothing items look great in both casual and professional outfits.

Something to note is that darker and more saturated shades of pink are known to draw attention so typically its best to use clothing items that are darker shades of pink as accessories or statement pieces.

Don’t be afraid to wear pink, we think it looks sexy and we’re sure you will too! Be bold and show your confidence. Prove to everyone that you have Male Power.

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