A New Dawn is Emerging

With a new decade upon us, it’s time to shakeup the old underwear drawer and take advantage of the latest technological advances in the most personal of places. We always jump to get the newest cell phones and gaming technology, but why keep depriving yourself of the best when it comes to your body? That’s where our new Black Nite collection comes in, it’s definitely the best new men’s underwear around.

best new men's underwear

In today’s fast pace and changing environment, you simply shouldn’t’ be caught in last years’ outdated model. Days and nights are unpredictable, so you need coverage that will look and feel your best whether working or playing. Black Nite has four styles, all perfectly manicured to ensure maximum comfort and convenience, yet not sacrificing style. It’s ultra-lightweight with exceptional stretch, so you can jump from the boardroom to the playroom without missing a beat.  The airy breathable micro mesh is state-of-the-art, propelling you to maximum success no matter how challenging your task at hand. Our perfectly branded white on black plush elastic waistband means you’ll stand out in any crowd.


Tankful of Wonders

The history of the hoodie dates back to Medieval times when it was initially designed for monks. Times have certainly changed, our Hoodie Tank continues the long-standing tradition in style. Snugly hugging your body in its shiny black; it will have you looking your best and easily propel you to the next level. The classic hood provides enough mystery until you proudly display all of your offerings. It’s soft and ready to stretch when you are, and comfortable for the post-workout relaxation setting. Whether you’re just easing into the new day or blasting through an early morning high-energy gym session, this Hoodie is a guaranteed success.

Feel Confident

Out in the world and jumping from activity to activity can be stressful. Not knowing if your private parts are adequately protected and safe can spell disaster. In our Black Nite Thong you can be confident and secure 24×7. Tightly wound to secure your goods and stylishly designed to entice, this men’s underwear will quickly become your go-to. When you want to take on the day or night with just the right amount of backing to maximize your chances for success, slip on this thong and never look back.

Increased Coverage

Sometimes life calls for a more conservative tone and when it does, our Black Nite Long Leg Short is there for you. It has the coverage you desire but still keeps you sexy enough when you want to be seen. The comfort level is off the charts, so this one will keep you warm and dry in even the most intense boardroom encounters. Odds of scoring the big account and pleasing your clients are astronomical when this Long Short is behind you. Increase your bottom line and move up the corporate ladder in no time.

Bold and Branded

When looking to make just the right impression, it would be wise to slip into the Black Nite Jock. Straps are strategically placed to bolster your look, and the protective pouch enhances your stuff in a sexy and stylish fashion. The beautifully appointed branded waistband with white lettering across bold black adds to the mystique. The thin white stripe below the black leading toward the pouch will direct all eye traffic toward the finish line.

What’s your favorite new men’s underwear style? Sound off below!


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