Lazy Day: Rock These Undies On Your Sunday

With the hustle and bustle of your everyday life, what’s better than spending all day lounging in your comfy underwear? Some of us aren’t even lucky enough to find a lazy day to just chill out and do nothing, but we think that you should find at least one day every month to just do nothing. It’s increasingly important, especially if you’re in a stressful line of work, to have one day to clear and refresh your mind before getting back to your day to day grind. It’s even more important to find a pair of comfy underwear to keep you in bed all day. So, what is the best underwear for a lazy day?

Well, there are three important aspects of underwear that you should look into before choosing the perfect pair. These are support, breathability, and comfort. There are many different combinations of these different aspects that will make a pair of underwear perfect for you, and today we are going to look into 5 options for you to choose from.

perfect lazy day underwear

Bamboo Boxer

Support- 1
Breathability- 5
Comfort- 5

The bamboo boxer short is a Sunday staple if you’re the type to let it all flow free, and you don’t care too much for support. Its loose fit allows for maximum breathability, as there’s a ton of room for air to flow in and out. This pair features a peek-a-boo button that allows for easy access while keeping your boys covered. With a luxuriously soft bamboo blend, this underwear is naturally thermal controlled, moisture-wicking, and antibacterial. If you’re the type that likes a super lazy day pair of underwear, these are your pair!

cotton rib pouch short

Cotton Rib Pouch Short

Support- 4
Breathability- 3
Comfort- 5

The cotton rib pouch short is one of our favorites, it seems to be the all-around perfect package, if you know what we mean. If you’re someone who likes a little more support, while still staying comfortable than these are your pair. Featuring super soft ribbed cotton, this pair is sure to hug your package in softness and comfort. The nice tone on tone plush elastic trim conforms to your body to show off every curve. Although not as breathable as bamboo, this pair is still the perfect pair to keep you cool and comfortable.

Heather Rib Low Rise Enhancer Bikini

Support- 3
Breathability- 4
Comfort- 4

The heather rib low rise enhancer bikini is perfect for you if you’re looking for a comfortable underwear that offers satisfying support while also showing some skin. This is the perfect cross between the cotton rib pouch short and a jockstrap, not only do you get enough support in all the right places, but you get loose fitting fabric with a matching trim enhanced pouch. The enhanced pouch is perfect to make your package look its best. If you usually wear briefs, and are looking for a comfy pair then these are for you!

Pocket Pouch Jock

Support- 4
Breathability- 5
Comfort- 4

The pocket pouch jock is for you if you want to let it all hang out while also getting a comfortable amount of support. Keeping your butt fully exposed, it allows for free air flow, while soft breathable cotton in the pouch will keep your package cool. The great thing about this pair, is it features both upper and lower pockets in the pouch to keep your boys properly separated. This pocket cavity allows separation which helps keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day. If you’re looking for some freedom, while also getting some support then the pocket pouch jock is for you!


Support- 0
Breathability- 5
Comfort- (Your choice!)

This one speaks for itself, if you live alone, commando might be the way to go on your lazy Sunday!

Whatever your choice, you need to make sure that you take a day off to relax and clear your mind. What style do you think would fit you best? What do you look for in a pair of lazy day underwear? Let us know below!

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