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When one searches online for the definition of airotic, expect to find information which describe parts of our arterial system, with talk about conveying blood from the heart to other parts of the body. Really? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. In our world (by which we mean, the world of underwear), the word still means life – but in a slightly different way. We all need to breathe to stay alive, and no part of our body needs fresh air more than our private parts. Enter the stylish and medically sensible Airotic Mesh collection. Cool and breathable with eyelet perforations for both function and comfort, all three styles will regulate your temperature in just the right places. In life, underwear is much more than a necessity; it’s our ticket to a healthy, productive and exhilarating lifestyle. Breathable underwear is the key to this comfortable castle.

bikini with butt cutouts

No Butts about it

The Airotic Mesh bikini style will immediately grab your attention. Featuring an enhanced pouch and bare-backed cheeks, you’ll stay calm, cool and collected while raising the temperature of those around you. In just moments, watch your partner’s temperature soar once you’re seen in this scintillating style. You’ll stay comfortable and cool as long as you trust in the Butt Out Bikini. A temperate pouch is a full one, and this soft fabric and eyelet perforations will have you primed for success. Heat waves are intensifying and the globe is warming, but in this bikini, your jewels can throw caution to the wind.

breathable men's underwear

Functional and Playful

If you’re still craving the comfort of our Airotic Mesh but prefer a bit more traditional coverage, head toward the Enhancer Short. You’ll still be in the drivers’ seat benefiting from the style and functional features. But it’s a more traditional style that will have your back from the boardroom to the bedroom. The enhanced pouch really pulls a punch here, highlighted in the playful purple contrasted with strong black outline. You’ll remain comfortable and supported no matter where you wear this sexy, breathable underwear.

breathable underwear

This Thong’s for Your Bottom (Line)

Some guys aren’t satisfied unless they go all the way. Sure, shorts and jocks work for some – but for those that love to push the envelope they just don’t hit the high note. If this describes you, we have the Airotic Mesh Enhancer Thong. Make no mistake about it, this one displays more real estate so you more easily close the sale. After the purchase, enjoy your view and bask in the knowledge knowing you have found the world’s safest investment. Even more of you is exposed in this one, so the fresh air will penetrate deep into your pores. This comfort means you can wear this over and over again, scoring each and every time. Not everyone is a thong man, but studies show once you go there, it’s hard to go back. Give this one a try, and let us know what you think.

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