Honor the Heroes

Honor the Heroes!

Let’s call it out as it is right now – this whole situation is hard! It’s frustrating and nerve wracking. Chances are, you have already been affected in one way or another by this epidemic outbreak of historic proportions. It’s tough to navigate uncharted territory, and we are trying to figure it out too.

Thankfully, humans tend to surprise and stand out when they are challenged by extraordinary events.

don't panic

Today, with the COVID-19 pandemic, heroes are emerging everywhere. It’s not just the doctors, nurses and other first responders; it’s the grocery store workers, delivery drivers, the people who are staying home to protect the vulnerable, and the neighbors who are shopping for the elderly and people at risk.

We want to cheer for everyone who shows kindness, who decides on supporting each other rather than just themselves. Yes, we mean stocking up on toilet paper for just a few weeks instead of 6 months. By being considerate, responsible and respecting social distancing for the time that it’s needed. Now is a great time to call friends or family, let them know you care about them and be there for one another. Even at a distance you can positively impact someone else’s life just by letting them know you care. The simple gesture can cheer them up and make them smile.

not all heroes wear capes

These small things can seem trivial but truly go a long way. Not all heroes wear capes. This statement has never been more accurate. Right now, the people who go out of their way to help others are the true heroes of our society. Especially the ones who do it not only out of necessity and duty but also by choice.

We want to honor the heroes for whom there are no days of celebration. They won’t get a ceremony, medal or really any type of formal recognition. We want to say THANK YOU, to those people, all of you, all of the unseen heroes.

We are trying to do our part every day, not just in challenging times. Male Power has been around since 1974. Many of the employees have been with the company for YEARS (we’re talking 10, 20, even 30+ years). You don’t stick around a company that long without good reason. As a result, we are the epitome of a work family. We love each other, we love the company. We support each other in good and bad times.

love yourself, even when it's tough

Of course, we also love making underwear and are a huge supporter of diversity and individuality – as in pick and wear whatever you like, without giving a damn of what others may say. It’s your choice. It has always been important for us to make sure that unique, creative, fun, sexy, comfortable underwear is available for those who want it. We have no intention of stopping – but ultimately that’s up to you. We will weather this storm and come out on the other side excited and ready to continue to give you the best in everything we provide – but safety comes always first.

For us, everyone who is choosing to support small businesses like ourselves is our personal hero – with every order we receive, we are more likely to keep going, keep our Male Power family together and offer support to those among us who need it most.

We recognize we are not the only people impacted by what’s going on. Maybe you don’t really need that new pair of undies right now (and that’s OK!). But if you do, we hope wearing it makes you feel good about yourself and gives you that smile that makes your day. Know it made ours. We are hoping that our 25% site wide discount can make this decision a little easier for you – that’s the biggest discount we have ever offered!

If you are one of our customers, fans, supporters – THANK YOU! Thank you for supporting us. From every like or comment you make on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to every order we send out. Your strength and positivity through all of this is what keeps us going. We always love to hear from you!

These times will probably be challenging for a while – but we are not alone, and as we continue to come together as a community, we can help each other greatly.

Be that unseen hero. Your story will maybe never be told by the media, but it will be noticed. By you, by your family, by your friends and by the people you are positively impacting during a trying time. It matters, you matter, and we are honored to have you read this. Stay safe, wash your hands and try to find a silver-lining.

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