How to Take The Best Dick Pic

If there’s one thing we at Male Power feel strongly about, it’s making your package look good. Some may remember the post we did about how to take an excellent booty photo and we figured it was about time to bring your attention to the front. After all, we believe everyone has the right to feel sexy in their skin. We want to do everything we can to help you do just that. Below is a list of our top tips and tricks to taking the best dick pic that your partner has ever seen.


Man holding phone in bed


The number one rule about dick pics is making sure you have someone’s consent before you send it. Dick pics have a bad reputation of being sent around willy-nilly (pardon our pun). But that doesn’t mean your partner wouldn’t be interested in them! Ask your potential recipient if it’s okay before you send one. If you are sexting hot and heavy and don’t want to ruin the mood, first of all just know that asking for consent is necessary and you should always do it! Secondly, you can word it in a way that suits your current sultry mood. Try something like “Do you want to see how worked up you’ve made me?” Asking before you send also gives your partner the option to respond with a “F**K Yes!”, which we find to be an excellent confidence booster.


One of the biggest mistakes we see in sexy pics these days is poor framing. Instead of taking a close-up picture of your goods, hold your phone further away and get more of your body in it. Think of this as an erotic image of your body rather than just a dick pic. What else do you want to accentuate? Making room for other parts of you, like your legs, chest or even face gives the viewer better context. It may sound silly, but one of the best investments you can make for your sexy pic game is a selfie stick. This is an easy way to get more of yourself in the frame and also try some angles you might not be able to reach by hand. Alternatively, you can set a self-timer and pose away!


Man standing by the window in Male Power lounge pants


You don’t have to be a professional photographer to get this one right, just pay attention to where the light is around you! Your image too dark and dreary? Open up the shades and let in some natural light from outside (so long as there are no prying neighbors around). Lighting can really make or break an image and it’s important to play around until you get it right. An easy solution to getting the perfect light is to grab a selfie right light that you can clip right onto your phone, which usually only costs $10. You can also just move your own lights around in your home until you find something that works!Man posing in Male Power underwearPosing

When it comes to posing, think about what your body language is saying when you take your pictures. Do you want to look warm and inviting, or maybe a little shy and coy? Also, you may be holding the camera with one hand, but what is your other hand doing? Make use of it by placing it sensually on your body, or to make it even hotter, hold yourself in a way that says “Come play with me.” And for goodness sake, lose the random props! Nobody is asking for a side-by-side of your dick and a soda can, remote control or a ruler. Trust us, just engaging your body in a sensual and playful way will do wonders.


Man posing in a shirt and underwear by a railingSetting

While you’re thinking about how you want to pose your body, don’t forget to look at the space you’re posing in. Pick up all the clutter around you or find a clean corner of your home to take your pictures. Aside from just looking careless, a messy or busy space can detract from the thing you want to focus on – your bits, of course!


man lounging in bed in underwearTake lots of Pictures

If you’ve ever seen a professional photographer at work, you will remember the incessant click-click-click of their camera. Taking a lot of photos means you will have a big variety to choose from. You can also experiment with all your angles until you find one that works.


man on a rooftop in lounge wear

Cover up

Sometimes the hottest shots are the ones that leave something to the imagination. We might be biased, but a good bulge picture can sometimes be even more arousing then a full-frontal. Consider a pair of shape-hugging underwear like the Avant-Garde Enhancer Short or maybe something a little more risqué like a jock strap or thong. Plus, when you send bulge shots first it builds anticipation for what’s coming next.


man naked in bed with a pillow

Have fun

Taking sexy pictures of yourself can be a huge confidence booster whether you’re sending them to someone or not. The most important thing is to have fun with it and let your personality shine through. Confidence really does have a way of enhancing your selfies. If you look like you’re having a good time, then your viewer is going sure to have a good time too.

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