Cool, Calm, and Collected; THE RIGHT WAY!

Summer is coming, and we’re sure you’re all VERY excited. Everything is better in the summer! There’s sunlight and warmth, it’s lighter for more of the day, and there are more fun activities to do outside! With the warm weather coming, one of the biggest concerns of most individuals is sweating. With moisture comes irritation and rashes, which then leads to you being uncomfortable. Why be uncomfortable in such a happy time of year, if you have the choice? Today, we’re going to go into some of the breathable underwear choices that you should make to ensure that you will stay cool, dry, and comfortable all summer long.

It’s just as important to take the right steps to keep yourself cool and dry, in addition to wearing the right underwear style and fabric to ensure you’re comfortable. Picking breathable, moisture-wicking fabric in the right design is so important when it comes to staying dry. The great thing is that some fabrics are actually designed to keep your boys’ temperature controlled.

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The Right Fabric

Fabric is pretty much the most important aspect of a pair of underwear. Aside from it needing to be super comfortable, fabric type can play a direct role in if your underwear fits well, especially in the summer. When we think of hot summer days, we think of bamboo, cotton, and microfiber. These are the most breathable fabrics, plus they are moisture-wicking, so they are the top choices if you’re looking to stay dry. That goes double if you sweat often!

Male Power Breathable Short

The Right Style

Wearing the right style underneath all starts with what will be worn on the outside. Although less fabric underneath seems ideal to stay cool, that might not always be the best idea. For example, if you wear a jockstrap with light colored pants, you will be leaving your whole butt exposed and risk sweating through the pants. This will result in a dark sweat stain down the seam, which nobody wants! If you’re going to wear a style that leaves most of your sweaty regions exposed, such as a jockstrap or thong you might want to wear something darker on the outside. Wear a short or bikini style if you plan to wear one of the breathable moisture-wicking fabrics mentioned above.

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The Right Preparation

Just as it’s important to wear the right style and fabric, it’s also important to prepare the right way at the start of the day. Everything is better with preparation! One of the biggest mistakes that we know some men make is staying damp after their morning shower. If you usually shower in the morning, you need to make sure to completely dry off before slipping into your favorite pair of sexy underwear. If you have some extra time after your shower and towel dry, we suggest that you prepare for your day nude so you can air dry the rest of the way. Keep in mind, that by putting on your underwear while you’re still damp down below, you’re already starting off your day with excess moisture. Starting off your day completely dry is definitely your best bet!

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The Right Way

Another big mistake that men can make in the summer when it comes to underwear is either wearing underwear as a bathing suit OR wearing underwear under board shorts. We can almost promise you that by doing this you’re asking for a rash and irritation. You should keep in mind that although some underwear can be designed to wick away moisture and keep you dry, soaking it in water isn’t going to help. Bathing suits and board shorts are designed to be worn in water and are made to dry quickly, whereas underwear is not. Don’t make the mistake of wearing underwear in the pool or ocean, you can thank us later.


What do you do to keep cool on hot summer days? Are you someone who wears your underwear in the pool or ocean? Do you have any tips or tricks to keep yourself dry? Let us know in the comment section below!


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