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Inclusivity is important, now more than ever. In the digital age, your words and actions reach farther, both negative and positive. It is because of this that inclusivity is about representation as well as allyship. It’s easy to say, “we support everyone”. But how do you show that?

For us, it is a small gesture like this. Even though we are a men’s underwear company, we recognize for one, that not everyone identifies as strictly male/female. We also recognize there are no longer strict confines as to what men are “supposed” to wear. Most of all we know when it comes to ‘Pride’ – and what it ultimately represents – we should offer something for every preference. With that being said, let us showcase our first complete Pride Collection.

Male Power Pride Tank

Pride Fest Fitness Tank

This fitness tank is good for more than just working out! The comfortable design and fabric make it perfect for everyday wear for casual summer outings, from the beach to the grocery store. There’s nothing like a simple versatile top that also shows your pride.

Male Power Pride Jock

Pride Fest Jock

Jocks are becoming more popular by the day, so we are excited to offer one in our Pride print. The supportive straps and body hugging cut works perfectly to accentuate your assets and would be a steamy addition to your bedroom wear. It’s also great to wear under everyday clothing to give you a bit of lift and inner confidence.

Male Power Underwear Pride Shorts

Pride Fest Mini Short

Nothing beats a good pair of shorts, and when combined with our Pride pattern, this piece is ready for every celebration. Whether you want a pair of comfortable underwear to wear day-to-day or something for the dance club, these shorts have you covered.

Male Power Pride Thong

Pride Fest Bong Thong

We believe that no matter who you are, you have the right to feel sexy in your body. That’s why we love the thong. It holds you together perfectly while showing off what you are working with. The Pride pattern is a fun way to express you support while looking show-stoppingly sexy.


 Pride Bra and Boy Short

Another cute and versatile piece, the Bra and Boy Short set is not to be missed! This one can be worn under clothes or as an outfit itself. These would also stand out at a summer pool party! The possibilities are endless with this flattering and sexy set.

Pride Collection Bra Top

Triangle Bra Top

Nothing quite says summer like a triangle bikini top. This one is sold on it’s own so you can pair it with anything. There may not be many festivals happening this year, but you can still feel festive in this sexy piece.

Exposed Pride Teddy

Criss Cross Teddy

There’s something undeniably sexy about teddies. We love this piece because it looks amazing on its own, but if you throw on a pair of jean shorts you have the perfect summer outfit. It goes seamlessly from day to night just by removing layers. Plus, the cut outs accentuate and tease in a way that will drive your partner crazy!

Exposed Pride Halter skirt set

Halter and skirt set

This halter and skirt set is a both sexy and versatile. It’s perfect for a party or club night, but also would be an excellent bedroom piece. If you have been looking to add some more feminine looks to your wardrobe, this set might be the ticket.

Exposed Pride Tank Short Set

Tank and short set

We love a tank and short combo, so we are delighted to offer one that is both cute and versatile. The style of the separates are understated enough to fit a variety of gender expressions, and can be worn with other parts in the collection depending on which side of the gender spectrum you want to lean. These pieces are a great way to show your pride while staying comfy in the summer weather.

Exposed Pride Tuxedo Legging

Tuxedo leggings

Leggings are a type of clothing that everyone likes.  More and more men are wearing leggings every day, and why shouldn’t they? They are both comfortable as heck and give you full range of movement! There is no reason why anyone of any gender shouldn’t be allowed to wear a garment this good. These would be a perfect addition to your work out garb or a casual wear. Comfort and style are for everyone.


We believe that offering a diverse selection of Pride styles speaks to the heart of what Pride stands for. Clothing itself is not gendered, and it is only social norms and expectations that make it seem that way. Providing diverse style options is a small but important way we can show our support for anyone who chooses to present themselves outside of what society expects of them. We see you; we support you. Happy Pride.


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