Success in a Hurry

Convenience and Style

In today’s speed of light society, you need to be ready for anything. However, this prepared state should not come at the cost of style. Sure, you’re probably thinking we are talking about keeping up on the latest fashion in jeans, sneakers or boots. But surprise – we mean your underwear!  Wouldn’t you love to be wearing the most comfortable yet sexy undergarments that have you primed for quick and successful encounters? What could be better than the softest, sexiest underwear made for just you in mind? Well, you’re now set up for success with the unveiling of our new Grip & Rip collection from Male Power. Grip & Rip brings velcro underwear into the mainstream.

Keeping with our tradition with providing the highest quality products at a reasonable cost, this collection features three enticing styles you won’t find anywhere else. All feature the plush and elastic waistband you have come to know and love, and our nylon spandex fabric made to hug you as snug as a bug in a rug.  The real takeaway, however, is the single-handed tear-away functionality made to order in all of these exciting pieces. The wonder of Velcro has been put to the test in a myriad of scenarios over the years. However, none are more purposeful or critical for man’s happiness as the way to tear-away into the promised land via our Grip & Rip collection.

Grip and Rip Bikini

Safe but not Sorry

You’re dying to get into a Grip & Rip but just don’t want to take the full plunge? No problem! Our Grip & Rip Bikini offers all of the necessary features but provides a full back of coverage.  The soft enhanced pouch and shiny black have enough flair to make this a sure bet for comfort and fun. The history of the bikini spans generations, going back to the 1940s. One could not have imagined the future included such an innovative and ingenious variation on this ever so popular undergarment. Styles will sure change but the basic underlying notion of a sexy men’s bikini underwear featuring a rip & grip Velcro tab is one fad you just can’t afford to miss. Time is money and you can’t afford to waste a minute in your quest for pleasure. Run into this bikini today and reap the benefits for years to come.

Grip and Rip Jockey

Jockeying for Position

If a little more risqué is your style, head for the Rip Off Jock. Less is more in this made for fun underwear which definitely won’t disappoint. Featuring bareback cheeks, the Velcro rip off is just the gravy on top. Back in the day, “rip and read” referred to a radio announcer ripping a packaged news script from a wire service, and then rushing back to the booth and reading the news, often without reading it over before going on the air. In the new century, and as we enter a new decade, “rip and enjoy” will become our call to action to ensure we receive what we so definitely deserve.

In today’s world, it doesn’t take more than a few seconds to video chat a friend across the world or order a latte from your mobile phone. Why should life’s pleasures be stuck at a slower pace?  That’s all changed now for the better when you enter into the Rip Off Jock.

Grip and Rip Jockey 2

Faster is Better

If you fall behind in today’s ever-changing world, you’ll spend the rest of your life trying to catch up. Don’t put yourself in this dangerous position. Instead, always be ready for what life throws at you in the new Grip & Rip thong. A beautifully sculpted pouch raises the stakes, and success is just a quick tear away. Meetings, family obligations, housework, travel, and sleep always seem to put the kibosh on your free-time. Therefore, you don’t have a second to waste. Ensure your readiness and increase your chances of pleasure by promoting this thong to the top of your underwear drawer.  You’ll never look back and your partner will thank you again and again. Veclro underwear is here!

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