Take The Hint, Bring On the Print

Take a look at your underwear drawer. Now tell us, are there an array of solid and neutral colors? Any brighter fun colors? Any funky designs or interesting patterns? We love our reliable plain standbys, but have you thought of introducing print underwear into your wardrobe? Today we invite you to take the next step and introduce some striking colors and patterns into your underwear drawer.

The Benefits?

Have you ever been in a bad mood when you were wearing some bright and fun underwear? We think not! It’s nearly impossible to know you’re wearing some real fun underwear underneath and not be in a good mood. Nothing’s better than slipping on a pair of bold underwear to start your day, especially if you get a peek in the mirror before you are fully dressed. Seeing yourself looking sexy is almost as motivating enough to get you up and moving at the beginning of the day as a cup of coffee (WE SAID ALMOST). Don’t worry, we would never discredit the value of a cup of coffee in the morning, but a close second is the amazing feeling of getting your day started in a pair of sexy underwear.

Male Power Neon Lace Cutout Short

You can add some serious vibrancy and texture into your everyday wardrobe. If you’re someone who has to dress business casual or business professional every day, you can always spice up your mood with a pair of neon pink underwear. The best part? No one will ever know that the business exec is rocking some hot pink undies! Check out our Neon Lace or Neon Mesh collections!

Surprise Your Partner

Here at Male Power, we have a ton of underwear with cutouts in all the right places. We also offer some fun and wild prints. One of our favorites is the Kaleidoscope Crossover Short. Not only does this pair feature a vibrant multicolored print with contrasting black straps, but it also features elastic leg accents. This underwear will be sure to turn heads as you drop your pants after date night. You’ll feel your best showing off some extra skin, and as we’ve said countless times before, there’s nothing sexier than confidence.

Male Power Kaleidoscope Short

The Obvious

It’s common knowledge that the lighter the underwear the bigger your butt looks, so if there hasn’t been a reason for you to add some color to your wardrobe this should be it. Unlike black, which typically slims you, white and bright, light colors actually give your behind a better silhouette. Why work for a better booty when you can partially fake it with some brightly colored, light underwear? Obviously, nothing is better than upping your squat game to work for a shapelier booty, but some light colored underwear can definitely help give your booty that extra boost.

Male Power Underwear Anaconda Thong

Is it Tacky?

If one of your biggest worries when adding some print into your underwear drawer is if it’s tacky or not, don’t worry too much. Sure, some prints can be kind of tacky, but if you feel good in it and it makes you feel sexy, then who cares! Think about it this way, if your partner dropped their pants and revealed their package in an outrageously printed pouch, would you really be all that mad or would you be amused and even turned on? We think if you’ve never given leopard print a try, its time you try on our Animal collection. Yeah, sure it’s not as playfully crazy as some of the other styles we offer, but it’s a great start to stepping outside of the proverbial box. Plus, these styles will hug your silhouette and package which is sure to make you feel your best.

We understand if you’re a little wary to try something new, but have we ever led you in the wrong direction before? Bold prints and vibrant colors are sure to add some fun into your underwear drawer and your life. Try them out, we know you won’t be sorry!


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