Upcycle Your Underwear: What to Do Besides Trashing Them

It’s not new information that you should change your underwear every six months to one year, but is it best to just throw those old underpants in the trash? You may be thinking to yourself, and may even make an online search of, what to do with old underwear? If you’re like us, we HATE to just throw things in the garbage, especially if there are so many different uses for them! There are many common uses for used fabrics, and the most frequent use is to make old rags for outdoor use, but there are so many other fun and creative ways you can recycle your underwear, but make sure to wash them first!


The type of fabric tells you the different kinds of things that you can make out of your underwear. Today we are going to look into the many ways that you can re-purpose your old underwear,  and some of these may surprise you!

  1. Wash Rags

The most common use of old fabrics is to make rags. Save yourself the hassle of buying rags and towels, and just cut up your old underwear to use instead. Just add some soap and water and they’ll be good to go. If you’re looking for a scouring pad alternative, look to cut up your old lace underwear to get through that grime. Not only can they be used to wash dishes but they can also be used to polish wood, clean mirrors, and to wipe up a mess.


what to do with old underwear

  1. Stuffing

You can always use cut up underwear to replace stuffing in old children’s toys, pillows, and any other items that require stuffing. The smaller you cut the fabric, the fluffier your pillows and stuffed animals will be. The best thing about using cut up underwear as stuffing is that it doesn’t matter if all of the underwear doesn’t match, because you won’t even see it!


  1. Duster

Why pay extra money for wand duster replacements, when you can cut your underwear into strips and use it on the wand duster to clean all of your surfaces. Cut your old underwear into long strips and secure them to a plastic or wood duster with rubber bands.


  1. Compost Cotton

One of the great things about natural fibers is that they are biodegradable and can be used in a compost outside. We recommend using underwear that is 100% cotton (organic is best) and add it into your compost. The underwear will break down and will add some nutrients to your soil. Make sure to cut off the elastic waistband though, as that will not break down.


  1. Potpourri Sachet

One of the great uses about underwear is that the fabric is typically a little thinner than regular fabric to keep it breathable. This is great, because by cutting the fabric into a square, you can put potpourri in the fabric and secure it closed with a ribbon or tie. This gives you the perfect scent sachet to put in your bathroom or bedroom to keep your rooms smelling fresh and clean.


  1. String for Daily Use

Why use string when you can use upcycled strips of underwear for daily use and tying up plants? By cutting your old underwear into strips you can use your old underwear fabric for everything you use string for.


what to do with old underwear

  1. Hair Ties

Hair ties and scrunchies are becoming more and more popular, and having scrunchies with fun patterns is even more popular. By cutting up your old underwear, sew the fabric into strips or a simple tie to use to put your hair up and out of your face. Why waste money on elastic hair ties and scrunchies when you can easily make your own by upcycling your own old underwear?


what to do with old underwear

  1. Your Next Creative Project

If you’re the crafty type of person, then you might want to look into making a rag rug or a pot holder out of your old underwear.  By cutting your underwear into strips, you can braid and tie your underwear into a rug or a pot holder, some people even make blankets out of your old underwear fabric! If you’ve never heard of a rag rug or don’t know where to begin with a pot holder, there’s some great tutorials online. Fabric rags are also great if you’re a painter and need a rag to clean your brushes. No need to waste paper towels, just use your old cotton drawers!


Regardless of what you decide to do, there are many opportunities and uses for your old underwear, so before you chuck them in the trash, think twice. If you don’t want to spend the time to cut up and upcycle your old underwear, then donating should be your go to. If your underwear isn’t in bad shape, and still appears to have some life left, it may be a good idea to donate your underwear to the local shelter or clothing drop. Whatever you choose, make sure to reuse and recycle whenever you can!

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