Dare to Bare Your Bottom!

We are nothing here at Male Power If not passionate about the booty. From enhancing underwear to informative blogs, we aim to help you and your bottom look and feel your best. That’s why today we are talking about some of our favorite underwear styles- ones that let your backside shine!

Open back underwear have been around for a while and yet many men still haven’t tried them. It can be intimidating to try a new style for the first time and some folks might wonder why it’s worth it. If you’re here, you must be at least a little bit curious about what this style has to offer, so today we will go over some reasons why we think your next pair should be bare bottom!



One of the biggest benefits to an open back underwear is breathability. Jock straps are popular among athletes for a reason! With the open back of a Jock or Moonshine underwear, you get optimal airflow to the cheeks and total booty freedom. Your next gym or sport session is sure to be a lot more comfortable once you have less fabric between your skin and the air. It’s well known that tight clothing makes sweating and chafing much worse, so letting your bottom breathe is a great way to avoid that issue!


Enhance your bum

Underwear with an open back usually has straps that come around the legs to fit. There is an added benefit to this, and that’s the enhancement of your cheeks! Straps hugging around your thighs pull your cheeks up ever so slightly and give you a more pronounced look. Dark straps also give you a visual line around the bum that frames and draws attention to it. It’s like putting your goods in a window for your partner to ogle at.
And on that subject…


Sex appeal

There is no denying the pure sex appeal of open back underwear. Man or woman, we all know that the allure of a good booty. Sure, a pair of nicely fit shorts can hug your bottom well, but why not display what you got? Nothing quite says “come and get it” like pulling down your pants to expose your bare cheeks. If you are looking for a pair that will wow your partner and heat up your bedroom, bare bottom is where it’s at.

No matter the size or shape of your booty, we want you to feel empowered to show off what you’ve got. Trying on a pair of open back underwear is a great way to boost your confidence whether you’re showing off or not. Slip into one of these sultry pieces and we are sure you will know what we mean.

Do you already wear open back underwear or are you a curious newbie? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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