3 Reasons Why Cutouts Are Sexy

Just like fashion trends, men’s underwear is changing every day. In a world where men are becoming more fashion-forward, they’re willing to try new things. Cutouts in underwear aren’t necessarily something new, but it’s an underwear attribute that’s becoming more widely accepted in the men’s underwear market. Cutouts can be big or small, geometric or organic, but they add some fun flair to any pair.

Contrary to popular belief, cutouts aren’t for a specific type of man, they’re great for everyone! Just take a quick look at your underwear drawer, don’t you think it’s time you add something a little more exciting to your collection? Today, we’re going to look at the three reasons why we think underwear cutouts are sexy, and why you should adopt a cutout pair in your underwear drawer.

Man wearing sexy cutout bikini briefs

Cutout Underwear Shows Some Skin

Whether you’ve always been the typical flirt, or you’re usually someone whose more reserved, cutouts in your underwear is a great way to show some more skin without revealing it all to the world. Cutouts are the perfect tease to get your significant other excited for the fun night ahead. Cutout windows on any pair of underwear are sure to give you the true racy, ultra-seductive look.

Man wearing sexy cutout shorts

Cutouts Show Confidence

Nothing is sexier than confidence, especially when you strut your stuff in a pair of sexy underwear. Cutout underwear isn’t only for your partner, it’s for you too! Next time you head to the gym, slip into a pair of sexy cutout underwear. This is a sure way to have a breathable, comfortable, and successful workout. French Terry is by far the best men’s sport underwear choice. Featuring an incredibly absorbent, moisture-wicking blend that’s supportive and feels great against your skin, you’ll be confident while you pump iron and do your cardio at the gym.

Man from behind showing cutout bikini booty

Cutout Underwear is Exciting

After a date night out with your partner, or maybe even a quick hookup, cutouts are sure to keep things fresh and exciting. There’s much more appeal to dropping your pants and revealing a pair of underwear with sexy cutout windows on the hips and in the back, like our Checked Mate Cutout Short. Maybe you want to be a little more promiscuous and reveal a little more, closer to the package? That’s where French Terry Cutout Moonshine comes in. Keep all eyes on you in the bedroom with your cutout style underwear.


Regardless of if you’re getting down and dirty or on your way to the gym, you’re sure to feel sexy and comfortable with your cutout underwear. Have you worn cutout underwear before? Leave us a comment to let us know what you think!

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