3 Ways That Underwear and Dating Are Connected

In a world full of tons of fish in the sea, living the single life has its benefits and its drawbacks. Everyone is different, but we can all agree that dating may be one of those awkward parts of being single that can have a huge impact on your life (if you let it of course). But dating isn’t as scary as you may think, especially if you’re wearing the right underwear.


Some may wonder, what’s the connection between dating and underwear? And to that, we say let us educate you! Just like dating, you want to be honest with yourself when picking out a pair of underwear. Be yourself, just because something is sexy and you’ve seen your favorite model wearing it, doesn’t mean that you MUST wear it, especially if you’re not comfortable in it. Have some fun, yes, everyone has different styles, but trying something new may add a new favorite style into your life. Be confident, whether you need a pair of lucky underwear to help you, or you want to show confidence in the bedroom, confidence is key.


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Be Yourself

Dating makes a lot of people nervous, and with good reason. Some may think that they have to put on a front and appear different than they are. But don’t, you’re wonderful the way you are, and being someone you’re not is going to do nothing except make you unhappy and even more insecure in yourself. Whether it be an interesting food combination that you love (like ice cream and ketchup) or an out of the ordinary kink in the bedroom, never be afraid to show your true colors. You’ll be surprised, a lot of people, especially when meeting someone new, are more willing to try something a little different than they’re used to and they may love it too!

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Have Some Fun

Society has placed huge importance on “finding the love of your life”, but our advice to you is don’t rush into it! Have fun, explore, meet new people, you have your whole life ahead of you. Rushing into a relationship may just extend the time it takes for you to find your person. It’s okay to be yourself, to meet many people, and to just explore. There are billions of people on this planet, all of which have a different story and personality. There are endless combinations of traits, and there is someone out there for you. And just like your underwear, don’t be afraid to meet someone a little different than your “type”, because these “types” change all the time.

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Be Confident

Shoulders back, head up, no slouching. Show your confidence in yourself no matter how deep or shallow you need to dig. Everyone has confidence somewhere inside them, and dating is the time to let that shine. We don’t need crazy dating statistics to tell you what confidence does when dating because almost everyone can appreciate someone who is confident in themselves and not afraid to be who they are. You can find very few people in this world who cannot list a single flaw they think about themselves, but ultimately it’s how we let our flaws strengthen us and allow us to be truly ourselves.


Not dating and being single may be for you, and that’s okay! Some people are ultimately better off and happy that way. Not to mention, everyone is always at a very different place in their lives, so right now might not be your time. Always be true to yourself, and never force something to happen that isn’t meant to be. Everything will fall into place when it’s time, but in the meantime have fun and explore, especially when it comes to your underwear.

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