Best Underwear for Everyday Wear

When it comes to everyday underwear, you have plenty of choices. The options for styles, cut, colors and fabric seem almost endless. Picking your daily pair may seem like an unimportant task, but the underwear you are wearing can really make or break your day. Most of us can recall a time when they were at school or work and realized the pair they were wearing were uncomfortable, or were making them sweat too much. Filling your drawer with reliable go-to pairs can help reduce the time you spend getting dressed or worrying about what you are wearing that day. Unsure of what you should choose for this? We have gathered a list of what we think are the best styles to have for your everyday wear.

Man in silk shorts

Natural Fibers

For the most comfort every day, nothing beats natural fibers. Garments made of cotton, bamboo and silk fibers are the best if you want something that’s breathable. These fibers are naturally moisture-wicking to keep you cool and dry. Bamboo is both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial which makes it hygienic choice. Aside from comfort, natural fibers are going to hold their shape and resist pilling for much longer than synthetic ones. This will be a big benefit to both your booty and your wallet.


Man in cotton bikini brief


When you are looking for a reliable fit for every day, bikini styles are a good choice. These pairs are cut to give you the best support no matter what the day throws at you. Getting a pair that has a built in pouch will keep your parts secure so you don’t have to worry about adjusting yourself all day. All the bikinis offered from Male Power have both full frontal support and rear coverage which make them comfortable, practical and stylish to boot.


Man in seamless sexy shorts


Boxer shorts have been a staple for men’s wardrobes for many years, and for good reason. Getting a pair with a body-hugging fit will offer you support where you need it while also fitting comfortably under your everyday wear. These are a good pick for the cooler months when you want a little bit more to layer with. Many of the shorts we offer also have a fitted pouch to support and accentuate your package in the best way.


Overall, what is most important about choosing an everyday pair of underwear is how you feel in them. Even though most people don’t see the underwear we are wearing, it can still impact our mood and confidence if we put on a pair that makes us feel sexy. Finding a pair in the right style and fabric can be a huge mood booster, and there’s nothing quite like the feeling of picking out your favorite pair of underwear in the morning. With these suggestions, we hope you will find yourself having that feeling everyday.

Tell us what your favorite daily pair of underwear is in the comments below!

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