What’s The Best Face Mask For Everyday?

If we have learned anything in 2020, it’s the fact that face masks are here to stay. We’ve been wearing masks for the better part of the year, and have tried a variety of materials, from the standard PPE masks, to organic cotton masks, even balaclavas! Our collection is growing, but it never felt like we found exactly what we needed, until now!

So, what is the best face mask for every day? Surprisingly, the answer for us came out of left field. About a week ago we were sent silk face masks as a gift. When we say this was a game changer, it’s no exaggeration. Wearing silk face masks is like finding gold in an old mine that’s no longer in use. You may think that you’ve exhausted every resource, but then, there it is, GOLD! We THOUGHT we tried every mask option out there. We were under the delusion that we found the best mask for us, well, settled for what we thought was the best mask was. This was what we thought until these shiny, stylish delights fell into our laps.

We just got these masks a week ago, and we already got them up on the site and wrote a blog about it, just for the sake of making them available to as many people as possible. This was no easy accomplishment, especially in the peak of the holiday season. But we had to!

Silk Mask Red

Why Silk Masks?

Why did we stop everything to get these silk masks, that are not underwear onto our website? Why are we so passionately advocating for these masks? Well, that’s easy, because, holy moly, face masks can be uncomfortable and irritating; and these silk masks were life changing! Once these became an option, we knew we had to share the wealth.

Silk fabric organically provides a wonderful array of properties, which means that the silk face masks are naturally antibacterial, moisture-wicking, breathable and thermal-controlled simply because silk fiber is the bomb-diggity.

That being said, the Magic Silk, silk face masks that we are now offering are made of what’s called a “charmeuse” silk. Charmeuse is the “satin” looking finish that silk is famously known for, contrary to Magic Silk’s Silk Knit underwear. So, not only are they the most comfortable face masks, they’re also super-stylish. I mean, just check out that gorgeous model!

Silk mask silver

Silk is the perfect option for all skin types, there isn’t anyone that wouldn’t benefit from having a silk face mask, but it is very important to point out that silk face masks are truly the only option for anyone with sensitive skin. They will help heal and prevent “mask-ne” (you know, acne caused by wearing face masks). The naturally antibacterial properties help keep your skin free and clear, and did we mention these silk masks are comfortable AF? (just kidding, we know we did!)

In addition to being made with two layers of the highest quality material, these silk face masks also feature soft elastic ear loops with adjustable straps, so no more squished ears! This is a biggy for us, it seemed that regardless of what the mask was made of, we either had a squished mask or squished ears, and neither was comfortable (and the former really cramped our style). Magic Silk’s silk masks address both of those issues, and we are GRATEFUL!

So, to break it down, Magic Silk’s silk face masks come in four bomb colors: black, red, rose gold, and silver. They’re a great length and width; we measured ours at just over 6 inches width and just under 6 inches length (keep in mind, they have comfy pocket for your face, so it more than 6” in total, but with the seam it comes out to just under 6”), and they’re unisex. So literally anyone with a face can wear these comfortably. For us they went well below the chin, which we prefer, however, that really depends on the face shape and size. None-the-less, these silk masks are absolutely a must have for you and anyone you know!

Silk Mask Pink Rose Gold


Have you worn silk masks? Sound of in the comments below and let us know your thoughts!



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