Can Men Wear Thongs?

Thongs for men have been popular for many years, yet there are still many folks who are hesitant about them. Society has considered thongs a feminine garment for so long which means we rarely see men wearing thongs in everyday media. This may have people believing that thongs are not for men, but we are here today to dispute that opinion! Not only are thongs comfortable and supportive, but they’re downright sexy to boot. Our fans certainly agree, as our thongs were some of our post popular styles last year!

Why is there still such apprehension around men wearing thongs? Today we’d like to give you the solid reasons why men not only can wear thongs but should put them into their regular underwear rotation!


Man in red thong

They’re the closest to going commando

If your underwear goal is minimalism, thongs will certainly have you covered. With a supportive pouch and a thin, booty revealing back, thongs are perfect for anyone who thinks less is more. Thongs won’t bunch up under tight clothing the way shorts will and will provide you maximum air flow during the warmer months. These are great if you are looking to avoid underwear lines as well! Get as close to commando as you can while avoiding the undesirable effects like chafing or sweat build up.


Mens Black Strappy Thong

They’re sexy

Thongs have become the sexy underwear of choice for many, and for good reason! No one can deny the sheer sex appeal of open booty cheeks and a nicely held package. We have heard the misconception that thongs are only worn by dancers, and we are here to challenge that notion! Have you ever thought of how good you or your partner would look in a sexy thong? If you’ve been looking for a way to turn up the heat in your love life, then a sexy men’s thong might be just the thing you need.


Mens Red Seamless Thong

They’re fun

Why go every day wearing the same pairs of underwear? These days we could all use a little more fun and novelty in our life and switching up your underwear is an easy way to do that. Thongs are a great pair to have around, for a sexy night in or even your day-to-day grind. Wear them to your next date night and drive your partner wild or get some extra air flow next time you’re at the gym. Thongs can go everywhere briefs go and then some!


If you’ve been curious about trying thongs but didn’t know if you should, we are here to encourage you to go for it! Thongs are much more comfortable and versatile than most people even know and we’re sure once you try them on, you’ll see what we mean. These styles have been the favorite of many for a long time, so maybe it’s time to see what the fuss is about!

Do you regularly wear thongs? Let us know in the comments below!

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