Quarantine Dates for Valentine’s Day

One of our favorite holidays is right around the corner, Valentine’s Day! This year the holiday proves to look very different for everyone as we are still very much in a global pandemic. But just because you can’t go out for fancy candlelit dinners doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate. Throughout the past year we have all learned to adapt and adjust to our situation and have found ways to have fun doing it. Today we have gathered a list of Valentine’s Day date ideas for folks who are staying home with their partner and folks who’s partners are still keeping their distance.


Quarantine Date Dinner


Take out fancy dinner

Just because you can’t go out to a restaurant doesn’t mean you can’t have a fancy dinner. Consider ordering take out and setting up your kitchen for a steamy night in. You can set up a tablecloth, candles, flowers, and everything! Get dressed up in your fanciest outfits (and sexy underwear) and pour a bottle of nice wine. Or if you feel adventurous, practice your cocktail making skills! You can even make a nice dinner at home if you don’t want to order out. Get a couple of nice cuts of beef or scallops. It’s also fun to take time and cook a meal together, especially if it’s one you both have been wanting to try.

Not able to be with your partner? Order or cook the same food and have a video call! You can still get dressed up, just from the waist up!


Living room date


Movie marathon

Nothing beats a solid movie marathon date night. Pick your favorite romantic movies and watch them back-to-back until you fall asleep on the couch together. Stock up on snacks, chocolates and your choice of booze and settle in for a cozy night in! Grab every pillow and blanket in the house and turn your living room into one big cozy fortress.

For folks who are not in the same pod, you can stream movies via one of the many movie sharing apps. Or you can forget the movie entirely and share funny YouTube videos back and forth all night!


Man spa massage date


Spa night

Many spas are closed right now but you can still do some relaxing self-care at home with your partner. Give each other massages, put on some face masks and relax together while listening to some soothing music. Some folks even enjoy rubbing each other’s feet or giving their partner pedicures! Anything you can do to pamper each other and get some much-needed relaxation.

You can do a spa night from afar as well! Put on some face masks, get a nice bubble bath going and have a virtual spa date. Just make sure to not put your electronics too close to water!


Box of chocolates for Valentine's


 Day after candy haul

It’s not a secret that there’s nothing better than buying all the holiday candy on sale after the holiday is over. We love to wait ‘til the day after and then buy candy in double, then hang out with our partner like a couple of dragons treasuring their horde. After all, Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be all roses and fancy dinners. Just spending time with your partner doing things that you enjoy (like eating way too much candy) can make any day special.

If you are separated- Buy your partner some candy and write them a love note. Drop it off on their front porch by surprise! This can evoke the feelings of high school young love and be very romantic.


Being at home for Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be boring or sad. Striping away the expectations of the holiday and just focusing on what’s important-your relationship- can be a really fulfilling experience. Jewelry, chocolates and roses are all fun, but when it comes right down to it, the best gift you can give is quality time. No matter what you end up doing for Valentine’s day, we hope it’s full of love!

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