The 5 Best Men’s Underwear Care Tips

When it comes to men’s underwear care, many of us don’t give it too much thought. Underwear is such a small part of our wardrobe that we usually toss it in with the rest of the wash. Some folks may even be thinking why good underwear care is even important. Well, if you’ve ever had a pair stretch out or suddenly get holes, you might need to consider it! After all, if you are buying underwear that you really love, wouldn’t you want it to last as long as possible? We certainly do, which is why we have compiled this list of tips to help you get the most life and enjoyment out of every pair!


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Wash correctly

Often times it’s easy to just throw your underwear in with the rest of your laundry, but what some don’t know is that could be hurting the longevity of their favorite pairs. If you regularly wash your laundry with hot water and on high speeds, this can cause damage to small garments. That’s why it’s recommended for you to hand wash or wash your underwear on a delicate setting. Washing less vigorously and with cooler water puts less stress on the fabrics and elastic, which will keep your underwear in good shape for longer. Of course, hand washing every pair of underwear may seem like a pain, but if you have some pairs you really like, it might be worth it! Alternatively, you can get mesh washing bags that you put your delicates in when you put them in the wash so they don’t get tangled in the rest of your laundry.

Always check the tag on your underwear to see the recommended washing instructions. Some pairs do just fine in a regular wash, while mesh, lace and other fine fabrics might need extra care. Treat your underwear right and it will stick around for a good long while!


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Store safely

Another thing essential to men’s underwear care is storage. If you find yourself storing your underwear in a big heap in your drawer with all your socks, undershirts and whatever else might be in there, it’s much easier to damage. Plus, having everything all mixed in together may cause you to overlook a pair you really love or loose your favorites! You don’t have to go folding every pair of underwear, but you can actually store them both easily and economically by rolling them. Another thing that might help is to get a drawer organizer. These are a very easy way to get some order to your drawers and make sure you never loose your favorite underwear in an overflowing drawer!


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Rotate regularly

Changing your underwear often may seem like a no brainer, but we know how easy it is to wear the same pair every day, especially these days! Wearing the same underwear for days in a row might cause them to wear out quicker. Sweat buildup can cause long term staining and constant wear can cause the elastic to stretch. We recommend you have at least two weeks’ worth of underwear in your drawer so you can go enough days wearing a new pair before washing! Also, it’s just fun to have a variety, so why wear the same thing every day?


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Replace old pairs

Many of us have at least one pair of underwear that we know we should have retired a long time ago. If you still have an old holey pair from college, we’re sorry to tell you but it’s time to let go! Making sure you update your underwear regularly ensures you’ll never be wearing underwear that’s stretched out or unsupportive.


Underwear Care


Buy quality underwear

Sometimes the biggest factor in whether your underwear will last is the quality of the garment. It’s easy to buy a pack of cheap briefs, but cheaper price can often mean worse material quality. If you have found yourself buying new underwear frequently, it might be worth investing in some better pairs! Getting quality underwear and then making sure to take proper care of it will help extend the life of your underwear and have you spending less in the long run.


Once you start to implement some of these underwear care tips, we are sure you’ll notice the difference. After all, our underwear doesn’t have to be an afterthought! Taking the best care of your undergarments as you can will keep them looking and feeling good, and that’s what we are all about.

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