Should You Wear Bright or Neutral Underwear?

We all have that friend who only wears shades of black, or maybe we are that friend! Alternatively, there’s always someone in our friend group that loves to rock bright colors. These preferences for outer style are also often reflected in our underwear drawers. If you find yourself on one of those opposite poles, you may sometimes wonder whether you should swing the other way. Maybe you’ve been thinking of diversifying your style but are not sure if it’s worth it. This topic can also be a tough one for indecisive people! Picking the right style can be hard, so today we’d like to help by highlighting the benefits of both colorful and neutral underwear.




Male Power Bright Blue Lace Shorts

Fun to everyday wear

You can’t deny the main draw of bright colorful underwear- fun! Having a bunch of colorful underwear can be a great way to bring a little excitement into your every day. Variety really is the spice of life and that counts for underwear too! Studies show that human beings are drawn to novelty and having a large selection of bright colored underwear can add a sprinkle of fun anytime.


Male Power Bright Red Shorts

Show your personality

If you are someone who really values showing their personality through their style, then colorful underwear may already be your favorite choice. You can pick colors that complement the rest of your wardrobe to nail down a style that is tailored to you! Or pick colors that you feel represent your personality like shades of blue for someone who’s chill and down to earth or yellows and reds for a fiery personality.


Male Power Bright Thong


Customize for occasion

Having a wide variety of colorful underwear means you’re ready for anything life may throw at you. Pick your color and style based on your mood, your schedule or even your dates. Keeping your underwear drawer filled with bright colors may even inspire your creativity!






Male Power Black Shorts


Go with anything

If there’s one big perk to neutral colored underwear is that you can pretty much wear it with anything. There is something to be said for a drawer full of black underwear- just grab and go! Having all the same color or a selection of neutral colors means you don’t have to spend precious time in the morning thinking about what it is you want to wear. This can be especially valuable if you are a super busy person or struggle with indecisiveness.


Male Power White Shorts

Easy to replace

Unique and brightly colored underwear styles can often change season to season, which means if you have a favorite pair that gets discontinued you might be out of luck finding it again! Neutrals on the other hand are good year-round, so you’re more likely to find them again. We know that black briefs are never going out of style, so if you ever need more, they’re easy get.


Male Power Grey Reversible Short

Clean, sophisticated look

While bright underwear can be fun and exciting, neutral colors are often associated with more sophisticated styles.  Just imagine if you saw a businessman drop his trousers, what do you think he’d be wearing? Neutral colors like white, black and greys can portray a sleek and mature look and may be favored by people who prefer to take themselves more seriously. They’re also a favorite for folks with a no-nonsense attitude who are all about getting down to business.


The benefits of bright colored and neutral underwear are clear to us, and we hope it’s become a bit clearer for you too! Your underwear can really be an extension of your personality, so considering the colors you are wearing can be a fun part of self-expression. We often find that we have a good mix of both colored and neutral underwear in our drawers, but of course, we are underwear fanatics! What styles do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

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