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Low libido is something that many people struggle with during normal times, let alone during a global pandemic. This issue can be incredibly stressful and often hard to talk about. It’s important to remember that as we get older and our bodies change, our libidos can change with it. That is totally normal, and there is no one “right” amount of sexual drive to have. Still, it can be distressing when we don’t have the desire for sex like we used to, which is why we wanted to talk about it today. Low libido is not necessarily a chronic problem and there are many things you can do to help boost it. Today we have a list of tried-and-true strategies to help boost your libido and get you back to your sexy self.

Actively work to improve your health

We’re sure you’ve heard this before, but taking care of your body is one of the most important ways you can affect your libido. This can be a wide range of things, from making sure you are eating healthy and drinking enough water to keeping to a regular sleep schedule. It can be daunting and difficult to make changes to our everyday routines but starting out slow can make it easier. Making small changes every day like drinking an extra glass or two of water or adding in a healthy snack each day can build up and make a big difference in the long run. If you find it hard to keep yourself on track, try downloading a life and habit tracking app to motivate yourself to keep going! There are even some that chart your data for you so you can see how your lifestyle affects your moods.

Another important part of the picture is your mental health. Many people struggle with low libido brought on because of other problems such as anxiety, depression, or ADHD. These conditions can make it hard to be present and engaged in sexual activity, as well as take away from your interest in general. If you struggle with mental health conditions, know first that it’s totally normal and there are many people out there like you! Your next step would be to speak to a doctor to make sure you’re able to effectively treat these conditions. It can be daunting, but therapy and medication can really make a world of difference on your life in every way.

Some people find that the medication they are on affects their libido negatively, and that is also a very common experience! If this is something you struggle with, know you can always communicate with your doctor about it. After all, what good is a depression medication if you are in turn upset about your libido? There are always different medications to try and with some adjustment you will likely be able to find something better.


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Get more exercise

Exercise is a really great way to get your blood pumping, so it makes sense that it boosts your libido. During times where it is difficult to get to a gym (like a global pandemic) you can still do a lot at home. There are endless free videos online of workouts that you can do in your living room and many of these are short enough to fit into a busy schedule. Even getting 1-2 days of exercise into your week can have great benefits for your libido, as well as your mood in general! If you live with a partner, you can schedule your workouts together so you both benefit.


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Explore fantasies

Sometimes our libido can dip due to a general lack of novelty or from being stuck in a sexual rut. To help get yourself out of it, you can try exploring new fantasies or even fetishes. Spend some time by yourself watching porn videos that are different from ones you’re used to. You can also try reading erotic books or fan fictions as there is an endless supply of them online. Exploring and widening your sexual horizons is always a positive and often you can find interesting things you have never even heard of. Take the exploration one step further by journaling about your interests or reflecting on things you saw that you might be interested in.


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Spend time with yourself

And when we say spend time with yourself, we do mean quality time. If you’re stuck in a sexual rut, sometimes it’s good to play around with your own body for a while to reconnect with yourself. Take it slow and explore different sensations to see how you feel, and maybe figure out something new! Spending time pleasuring yourself can help you to articulate what works well for your body with your partner which can lead to hotter and more fulfilling sex for the both of you!


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Sharing non-sexual intimacy

Often when someone suffers from low libido it can cause an imbalance in a relationship and lead to tension or conflict. Sex of course is an important part of any relationship, but just as everyone changes, our desires can ebb and flow and not always be predictable. For times you don’t feel interested in sex, why not try spending time intimately with your partner in non-sexual ways? Set time aside to do things with your partner that are intimate in nature, but without the expectation of sex being part of it. Sometimes the pressure of sex can get in the way of you enjoying the act of it or have trouble initiating. Some people find that taking that pressure of sex away can lead to very fulfilling and intimate moments with your partner, and even lead up to hotter sex later. Try taking a bath or shower together, reading to one another, giving each other body massages, or even just cuddling and talking. You could even watch erotic movies together and then chat afterwards about things you were mutually interested in. Deepening your intimacy with your partner is both fulfilling in it’s own way and can also lead to a more fulfilling sex life for both of you.


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Low libido can be frustrating to deal with, but it doesn’t have to last forever! There are many more things you can try to get it back on track. Of course, if none of these seem to help, you can always speak with your doctor. Sometimes hormone changes in the body can be the cause of libido shift which is something best treated by a medical professional. Above all, remember to be patient with yourself! Being anxious about your sex drive will only make it worse, so prioritize self-care and patience above all.

Have you found other techniques for dealing with low libido? Let us know in the comments below!

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