Top 5 Thongs: A Male Power 2021 Exclusive

Thongs, thongs, THONGS (and some other sexy styles)! Nothing is perhaps sexier and more iconic as the thong. Whether you are out at the beach showing off or privately enjoying the liberating comfort, thongs have been a part of everyday clothing and popular culture for quite some time. Being pantless while still having something to cover your more sensitive areas can feel quite amazing, and of course, one has MANY options to consider.

Going back all the way to 1874, the first undergarment of this type came in the form of the Bike Jockey Strap, manufactured by Sharp & Smith, a Chicago based sporting goods company. This garment helped provide comfortability and support for jockeys who biked on the uneven streets of the time. In 1897, C. F. Bennet, the garments inventor, began mass producing it under the Bike Web Company (later known as the Bike Company).

Cycle Babble: Cycling in 19th Century Victoria

Fast forward to the mid 70’s and Male Power’s very own Sam Baker, revolutionized the industry with his spin. He embraced lifestyles that had yet to gain full acceptance. He identified a simple truth – men, like women, want to look and feel sexy in their intimate wear. Today, this acceptance is more widely touted. Everyone from celebrities to your everyday person is more familiar and comfortable with having a conversation around intimate wear. Who can forget Miley’s onesie thong, or almost EVERY time Lady Gaga makes an appearance. Feeling like you’re wearing nothing while wearing something is everywhere!

Male Power has, and always will, continue to encourage men to liberate themselves from the shackles of current societal norms and expectations. Naturally, here at Male Power, we have many different styles and collections, a majority of which have a thong version to fit everyone’s needs. Every unique design is made to compliment the wearer, giving support and allowing you to fully enjoy the experience of wearing Male Power underwear. With so many styles and collections to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down the best of the best (and naturally, there will be some bias involved). However, we’ve done our best to give you a comprehensive not-so-unbiased list of OUR top 5 Thongs to get your hands on!

  1. Impressions Micro G-String

Starting our list off strong is this comfortable and sexy piece from our Impressions collection! The Impressions Micro G-String is a perfect piece for those nights where you want to show off as much as possible, but keep things just private enough to make people want more. From both the front and the back, the Micro G-String offers premium material for the areas it does cover up, allowing for a sensual and perhaps most importantly, a breathable experience! coming in colors of coral and white, one can’t go wrong with any piece from our Impressions collection!

mens g string underwear

  1. Pure Comfort

Up next is another comfortable one (well, with our signature design and materials, all our pieces are made with love and with comfort in mind 😊)! Here we have our Pure Comfort Bong Thong, from the Pure Comfort collection. There’s a reason that this particular collection is called Pure Comfort, you’ve never worn anything THIS comfortable. The person writing this blog can confirm the premium levels of softness and fit. It’s the softest and most relaxing material that this blog writer has ever felt before! The classic thong design combined with the prominent Male Power spin on underwear gives you some perfect underwear. One can never go wrong with white, however this piece also comes in a very flattering red and black colors as well!

white mens thong

  1. Black Nite

Sporting a very bold design, the black nite collection puts the power in your hands, or rather crotch. When you strap on this sexy pair, the night gets a LOT sexier! The design itself isn’t sporty for no reason either. With striped elastic inserts and airy, breathable micro-mesh, the Black Nite Thong makes intimate moments feel like you are wearing nothing at all. And yet, one still has the feeling of security for private areas. We LOVE the striped elastic inserts, as they provide some coverage for the groin area. They also emphasize the breathability of the piece as a whole. We certainly are NOT going gently into this night!

mens thong underwear black

  1. Peak Performance

If you are an athlete, or simply looking for a thong built for duration and security, our Peak Performance collection has got you covered. Our Peak Performance Sport Thong was designed with security and support in mind. The enhancing pouch works wonders for your intimate areas, enhancing and highlighting the most important areas of your figure. The plush elastic trim should not be overlooked either. It makes putting on these on feel like you are stowing away the goods in a safe, comfortably tucked away for the right moment. Coming in blue or grey, this piece will not disappoint!

mens sexy underwear navy workout thong

  1. Grip & Rip

Finally, we arrive at our last recommendation, and OH BOY we have arguably saved the best for last. Our Grip & Rip collection, as the name implies, makes for a great performance in your intimate moments. Showcasing a tone on tone embossed elastic waits band, ripping off one’s clothes never felt so good! The Grip & Rip Thong in particular can be removed with relative ease, allowing for things to get intense real quick! We even designed this piece to be easily removed with a single-handed tear away with front pouch Velcro tabs. Grip & Rip away!

Mens Erotic Underwear Rip off Thong underwear for Men

With so many choices of premium and comfortable thongs, we had a hard time narrowing it down! Check out our other collections and thongs, as we may have missed an amazing thong that fits you just right! Just click on the styles tab when searching for garments and choose “thongs” to browse all of our amazing collections. We have SO MANY different designs and makes, and we are sure you will find something you like. Remember, you are beautiful, you are sexy, and you deserve to express yourself without the judgement of others. Male Power has got you with stylish and comfortable designs for all your sexy underwear needs!

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