Is underwear the best Father’s Day gift ever, or completely inappropriate?


Opinions are like A…. – well, you know the saying. Everyone has one. But as an underwear company that’s been around for over 48 years, we think our underwear opinions may hold a bit more weight than others. An age-old question has become, is Dad holding and smiling at his child.underwear from their child an appropriate gift for dad.

Ultimately, what it boils down to is how comfortable you are with reality. Where do we come from? Don’t worry, we aren’t about to delve into our spiritual or philosophical views. Biologically, on the other hand, facts are facts. We all come from the same place…. TESTICLES (no pun intended). The point is, if we can accept where we come from in the most literal sense, then there is no reason why we can’t be comfortable getting dad a great pair of underwear for Father’s Day.

We aren’t saying to get your father figure the sexiest pair, we’re suggesting something that’ll be perfect for lounging around or making sure he’s supported on the go. Figuring out what’s the best Father’s Day gift ever will forever be debated. Gifts are subjective, and what one person likes another may hate and vice versa. Underwear has an importance that other things don’t, it must be comfortable, that significant quality can make or break a day, a mood, or an experience. Because of this, we know that Male Power underwear is an excellent gift for any dad or father figure alike.

Here are the best underwear gifts for dad:


For those dads who have sensitive skin, and love functionality mixed with fashion. Give him the best of the best! Our Bamboo collection is nice and soft on the skin, tag-less, antibacterial, antifungal, and moisture-wicking. This is our number one favorite dad gift.

child covering their grandpa's eyes with their hands.

Silk Knit

Do you have the type of dad who likes to feel expensive and luxurious? Well, give him something from our silk knit collection, made from 100% Silk. You may hear various dad jokes about how expensive he may feel. Bu

t hey! It’s Father’s Day, give him a pass.

Pocket Pouch

For those dads that are always on the go. The Pocket Pouch collection is the one for him! With the separate compartments for the gems, it’ll keep the boys cool, prevent chafing, and offers support where it’s needed. You can simply live with the relief that you’re supporting your dad without even being there.

Pure Comfort

This collection practically just speaks for itself. Give your papa something extra soft and flattering for when he’s all fired up on the couch watching his favorite sports. Pure Comfort is able to handle any twist or turn that your dad can throw at it, and still feel amazing.

Peak Performance

For those athletic and always on-the-go types of dads, Peak Performance is their perfect fit. It’s lightweight, breathable, and stretchy so whether they’re working out or out running errands, they won’t miss a beat!

Black Nite

Maybe your dad is the type to like athletic wear for comfort or maybe to reenact his favorite Rocky Balboa scene. Regardless, our Black Nite Collection is where it’s at! It’s extra lightweight, stretchy, and offers a nice sleek look.

Now, if you love our brand, and its quality but are unsure of what dad would prefer, you can always go with a gift card. This way he can browse and pick what’s best for him.

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