Bring out your bubble butt: Three butt-enhancing underwear styles for men that can do what squats can’t. 

 There are songs about it, shows about it, and Instagram accounts dedicated to it. The fad of getting the perfect set of cheeks seems to have become all the rage. However, surgery shouldn’t be the only option to give you that butt lift. There’s a simple, more cost-efficient way of getting your butt nice and perky: the underwear you choose to wear! It seems too easy to be true, but the simple fact is that selecting the perfect pair of underwear can give you the juicy peach you’ve been yearning for. Butt enhancing underwear for men could save time, money, and a headache. We know you would like to flaunt your stuff this summer!


Now the next question is how? How can you find the perfect underwear for men to give that lifts their butt to the gods! Well, don’t fret. Here’s your guide to three fantastic butt lifting underwear for men.


The Classic Option: Thongs

Male Power's Camo Sport Net Thong

If there’s a song dedicated to it, you most definitely know thongs have an impact, aside from giving you a confidence boost. Thongs were designed to accentuate your curves and make your bum the show’s main attraction. Having the waistband go a little lower than your waistline and cloth absent on the sides gives the effect that your bum would look more prominent. Even better, mens high-waisted thongs can nicely shape your waist, hips, and butt simultaneously! Luckily, we offer the classic thong in different colors and styles. Want something classy and simple? Our Silk Knit Mini Pouch Thong will be the perfect piece for you. Looking for something that hugs your curves a bit more? Our Camo Sport Net Thong is your ideal match!


The Underdog: Jockstraps

Male Power's Pure Comfort Sport Jock in redAll baseball players have them and you can too. If it can make their cakes look nice, imagine how amazing you’d look! You may wonder, why do people wear jockstraps? Jockstraps are no longer just a garment for sports. It has elevated to a comfortable, breezy everyday undergarment, and oddly, one of the best butt enhancing underwear styles for men. The jockstrap was invented with support in mind, and luckily, that doesn’t leave any part unsupported. Think of it as a frame of fabric going around your bum and lifting to make sure your hindquarters are firm, secure, and perky. With a tool like that, there’s no way you won’t achieve that bubble-butt look. We suggest the infamous Pure Comfort Sport Jock. 


The Wonderous Mini Short

Male Power's Terracotta Butt Lift Short

Ahhh-what can we say about our love for mini shorts? They hold you firmly, are soft to the touch, and are comfortable regardless of the weather or temperature. Aside from that, a select few of the mini shorts we have come with an excellent curvature design to lift your butt just the right way. For this, we believe that our Terracotta Mini Short is one of the best contenders for butt enhancing underwear styles for men. The intricate line under the cheeky area gives your bum that extra pop that it needs. 


At Male Power, we’re all about loving the body you live in, and we also support the body you want to claim as yours! We want to give you options of butt enhancing underwear styles to have your hot boy, hot girl, or hot themme summer without any insecurities and nothing but straight-up vibes.

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