Male Lingerie


Our sexy male lingerie options feature crotchless cutouts, open backs, cock-rings, fetish wear and extreme styling, and so much more! We offer every type of mens lingerie we can think of; such as mens crotchless underwear (open front mens underwear), mens erotic underwear, mens tear-away underwear, backless underwear, and so much more. Male Power is the place to find the best male lingerie with our hundreds of top-quality styles.

Learn More About our Male Lingerie

What is Male Lingerie?
Many think of the word “lingerie” and associate it with women, but lingerie for men, even straight men, is much more common than you think. Don’t you think that men should feel sexy too? With male lingerie, you can feel like a stud, not only for your partner but also yourself! Our wide collection of male lingerie includes many colors, styles, and fabrics for you to choose from, so you can find the perfect pair for you to wear! Not only do we have a large collection, but all of our male lingerie is affordable and high quality. If you’re looking for a more generic style, we offer traditional mens underwear styles.

What Features Do Your Styles Have?
It’s important that we offer stylish lingerie styles, which is why we offer so many fun features with our underwear. If you’re looking for styles that are either more revealing or more covered, we have those lingerie styles in our collection. Our lingerie styles feature leather and polyester styles, with studded accents or strappy styles. Whatever your preference our collection of male lingerie styles has something for everyone. Some of our styles also feature our grip & rip style for easy removal when the mood strikes. We even have crotchless and pouchless styles if you’re looking for a style that’s a little more risque. Our wide range of male lingerie truly has a style for everyone. Whether you’re interested in jockstrap styles, men’s thong styles, or g strings, our line of male lingerie makes it easy for you to choose!

Do Men Wear Lingerie?
Of course, they do! Men deserve to feel like the sexy studs they are, which is why it’s so important for us to carry our extensive line of male lingerie. Lingerie styles are fun and can make you feel fun and flirty. Our male lingerie doesn’t have a specific sexual preference, we offer lingerie for straight men, gay men, and everything in between and beyond. You can wear lingerie in both casual and sexy moments, and even wear something a little sexy under your clothes! Lingerie for men is great because it’s form-fitting and comfortable for all-day wear. Whenever you decide to wear lingerie, it’s important to us that our styles are as comfortable as they are sexy, so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort to look and feel good.

Do You Sell Men’s BDSM and Fetish Clothing?
Here at Male Power, we try our absolute best to have something for everyone, which is why our lingerie styles range in variety. Whether you’re looking for a new men’s fetish style or if you’re in search of your next men’s BDSM and bondage outfit, our wide variety of leather studded and strappy styles will help you feel sexy and frisky. Thinking of getting into role-playing when it comes to your time with your partner? We have a wide range of men’s role play costumes as well. Whatever your interest may be, we have the fetish and BDSM clothing for your needs.