Men’s g-strings are great choice for when you want to avoid panty lines, or to show of your best assets. We’re proud to offer G Strings for men, because men should feel sexy too. Our sexy g-strings are perfect for the guy who wants to flaunt it all.

Learn More About our Men's G String Underwear

What is Mens G String Underwear? G string underwear is the best friend to men’s thong underwear since they are such a similar style. Male g string underwear is great because it provides maximum support to your package while offering minimal coverage, the style really is as freeing as it looks! Our men’s micro g strings and our posing straps are two of the different styles that Male Power offers to our customers. Posing straps are definitely more minimalist with their fabric pouch for your package and string waistband and behind. Whereas men’s micro g string underwear features a wider waistband for complete comfort and support. If you’re concerned about the support that your g string underwear provides to your package, we recommend trying out our micro g string underwear for men, as they offer much more structure and support. Whatever the activity you do throughout the day, make it more enjoyable while wearing a pair of male g string underwear.

Why Should Men Wear G String Underwear? We have a follow-up question for you, why not?! Underwear styles should have no gender, and just because this style may be typically more feminine, there’s absolutely nothing feminine about it. Although this may not be a style that many will be loud and proud to wear, our large customer base loves our male g string underwear. Not only is the g string underwear freeing, but it’s stylish and colorful, especially with our new styles that come out often! Our men’s micro g strings are some of the most supportive underwear we offer, while also allowing for maximum breathability and comfort. Make a statement to your partner or friends by wearing g string men’s underwear, there’s nothing sexier than confidence and you’re sure to feel confident in the sleek and luxurious fabrics that we offer. Whether you’d like a g string in lace, cotton, or anything in between we offer the g string underwear perfect for your underwear collection. G-string underwear can and should be worn by all men, regardless of your body type.

Are Men’s G Strings Sexy? Absolutely! With our wide variety of men’s sexy g string underwear, you can find the perfect style and color to add to your underwear collection to wear on any occasion. Whether you’re just lounging around the house or going out on a date night with the possibility of a fun night you’ll be fully prepared in your sexy string underwear for men. With its minimal coverage, it makes for ease of access and maximum comfort no matter what the night throws at you! Some of our pairs feature sheer and mesh g string underwear, more solid fabrics, and even lace g strings! The opportunity is truly endless if you’re looking for sexy men’s string underwear. One of our most popular styles is the animal print posing strap, and that design truly speaks for itself!

Men’s Micro G Strings vs Posing Straps When looking through our male g string styles you may be a little confused due to the use of micro g string and posing strap when referring to the garment itself. A posing strap refers to the style of g string underwear that features a pouch of fabric for your package, and a single elastic “string” as the waistband and between your buttocks. Micro g string underwear features a thicker comfort plush waistband, and a little more structure in the underwear starting wide at the waistband and getting thinner between your buttocks. The two styles may be slightly different in their structure, but they’re just as comfortable either way it’s all down to your style preference. You won’t understand how freeing our g string for men is until you wear them for yourself, so give them a try!