Shorts are a staple choice for drawers across the world. Most of the Male Power designs have a trunk-like style with a square-cut silhouette offering a body hugging fit. This style can be worn comfortably under any form of clothing. Of course, we do love to offer variety; so you will be sure to find some loose fits as well. The loose fits are better suited for more rugged attire. Men’s boxer briefs offer the perfect combination of form and function for everyday wear. Crafted from premium materials, these boxer briefs feature a snug fit and offer superior comfort, breathability, and support. Perfect for any activity, these boxer briefs are sure to become your go-to underwear.  Soft and breathable fabric allows for all-day comfort, while designed to provide a snug fit for natural movement. No matter the occasion, our boxer briefs are sure to keep you feeling relaxed and confident.