Sexy, playful and comfortable – you can’t go wrong with thongs! The low-rise waistbands, supportive front pouches and classic rear strap, create comfortable support with just the right amount of exposed skin. Whether you’re looking for a more seductive thong style or one that’s a little more subdued we have those styles. Due to the variety of thongs we offer, our men’s thong selection is second to none.

Learn More About our Male Thong Underwear

What Are Male Thongs?
Male thong underwear is one of the most comfortable mens underwear styles in our opinion, and we think you’ll think so too! The great thing about mens thong underwear is it isn’t just for one body type, it’s for everyone! Regardless of your body type or preference, we have a variety of male thongs to choose from in many different colors, materials, and styles. A male thong is a type with a supportive front pouch, a comfort plush waistband, and a piece of fabric that connects from the pouch to the waistband in the back, going between the buttocks and providing ultimate comfort and support to your package. The great thing about male thongs is how versatile they are, whether you’re going for your daily workout, date night, or just a night in and lounging, mens thong underwear is one of the styles for you.

Can Men Wear Thongs?
Yes, and they do! A lot more men wear thongs than you think, and you should too. Thong underwear is one of our most popular styles, and one of our most comfortable. Men love our thongs since they’re minimal and luxurious, while also being comfortable and supportive for whatever life throws at you. You also don’t have to have a chiseled body to wear a thong, mens thong underwear is for everyone, regardless of your body type. If you’re going to give male thongs a try, then make sure you’re trying the high-quality mens thongs that Male Power has to offer. You truly can’t get a higher-quality pair of underwear at such an affordable price.

What Style is a Sexy Male Thong?
Male thongs in their nature are naturally sexy and don’t forget, there’s nothing sexier than confidence! Some of our sexier styles include or mens sheer thong styles, in addition to our styles that feature netting and transparent material. A variety of our thong underwear also features cutouts and embellishments like zippers, clips, and more! One of our favorite sexy male thong styles is the grip and rip thong, with its ease of removal, it’s sure to make time in the bedroom run and playful.

How Supportive Are Men’s Thongs?
Even though thong underwear for men has a lack of fabric behind it, they’re just as supportive, if not more supportive than other underwear styles. The pouch on our mens thong underwear is super supportive and will surround your family jewels in comfort and support for daily wear or while working out. Our sports thong and athletic thong underwear are popular styles to choose from when working out or going on a hike, as their breathable fabric and supportive pouch help you feel comfortable and supported during your workout. Mens thong underwear is truly one of the sexiest and most practical styles of mens underwear you can choose.