Faux Leather 7 Pack Lite Bondage Set

BDSM faux leather kit

Treat yourself and your partner to an unforgettable night with the Faux Leather Accessory 7 Pack Lite Bondage Set! This beginners bondage set is perfect for exploring roleplay in the bedroom, and features all the accessories you need for a spicy night. This intro BDSM kit comes with essential goodies that’ll make your wildest fantasies come alive with a hint of bondage. Perfect for those just starting out, this set includes everything you need to introduce yourself to the pleasure and pain of BDSM. Unleash your inner desires and explore the limits of your sexual fantasies with this premium bondage set. Let pleasure take the lead.

Faux Leather All 4’s Fuzzy Cuff Set

faux leather wrist and ankle cuffs

Transform your bedroom into your own private playground with the All 4’s Fuzzy Cuff Set! This fun set features both wrist and ankle cuffs, featuring leather strapping and faux fur lining for an extra comfy experience, ensuring a good time for all! Cuff ’em and go wild! Put a fun twist on your bedtime routine and awaken to the possibilities of what a little fuzzy restraint can bring. (Yes, it’s as dreamy as it sounds!)

Faux Leather Collar & Leash

Bring some spice to your bedroom with this Faux Leather Accessory Collar & Leash set, perfect for role-play, dom/sub play and any sort of BDSM play. This set is the perfect way to explore your dominant and submissive fantasies. The durable and strong materials ensure long-lasting pleasure and a secure collar play experience. Whether kinky or mild, treat yourself to an unforgettable experience.

Faux Leather MP Paddle

leather paddle

Get ready for some playful punishment with the MP Paddle! This kinky classic is perfect for all your bondage, spanking, and kink-filled pleasure. Perfect for spicing up things in the bedroom, this paddle will help bring your wildest fantasies to life. Crafted with a leather tie handle and sturdy construction, it’s sure to leave a lasting impression. Let the fun begin!

Faux Leather Ball Gag

faux leather rubber ball gag

Explore deeper realms of pleasure with our Faux Leather Accessory Ball Gag. This rubberized ball gag is perfect for bondage play, featuring d rings and studs for added flair. This rubberized ball gag creates an intense sensation, perfect for bondage play and kinky exploration. Enjoy a night of thrilling pleasure and spice up your bedroom adventures. Experience a unique level of excitement and take your pleasure experience to the next level.

Faux Leather Bunny Mask

faux leather bunny mask

Introduce a playfully naughty twist to your bedroom fun with this Faux Leather Bunny Mask! Perfect for bedroom role-play, this vegan leather bunny mask adds a hint of wildness to your bondage equipment collection! With metal D-ring buckles, metal studs, and a half-face design you can’t go wrong with this flirty mask. Who knew maskin’ up could be this much fun?

Faux Leather Leo

red and black faux leather harness male power

The Faux Leather Leo is an impeccably crafted male harness with criss cross back straps and adjustable metal snaps for a secure fit. Ideal for intimate wear, its premium material ensures maximum comfort. The criss cross back straps and adjustable metal snaps allow you to enjoy a secure fit tailored to your body. This vegan leather harness is suitable for an intimate night out or your regular wear.

Faux Leather Sagittarius

faux leather harness with small bat wings on back

This Faux Leather Sagittarius harness features adjustable buckled straps and a double ring torso harness for a perfect fit. Decorative bat wings add an extra stylishly spooky element to the look. Unleash your inner warrior with this fashion-forward and comfortable accessory. Enjoy a bold, unforgettable style that lasts night after night.

Faux Leather Libra

black faux leather mens harness

The PU Leather Libra is a mens chest harness with an oval front opening, metal rings and studs, and adjustable buckled straps for a custom fit as a perfect addition to your intimate apparel. Made of high-quality, durable material, the harness provides a comfortable and secure fit. Ideal for a range of activities and long-lasting use, the Libra is sure to enhance any sensual experience.

Faux Leather Zodiac

black faux leather shoulder sling harness mens

The PU Leather Zodiac harness is the perfect way to add a stylish edge to any look. Crafted from premium PU leather, this one shoulder piece features metal buckles and decorative studding for a fashion-forward finish. Equipped with multiple metal buckles and decorative metal studding, you will never go wrong with this classic mens piece. It’s the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Faux Leather Aquarius

black shoulder harness faux leather mens

The contemporary Faux Leather Aquarius harness is designed for maximum comfort and modern style. Its criss crossed chest harness design, bendable shoulder shield, adjustable buckle straps and metal rings and studs make sure that you look great and feel secure. Step out and make a statement with this bold and beautiful gladiator inspired design. With these durable materials and design, it will always stay secured in place.

Faux Leather Virgo

black zippered faux leather harness mens

The PU Leather Virgo is an edgy, adjustable mens harness crafted from stretchy neoprene rubber. Its zippered design ensures a comfortable fit, while adjustable shoulder and chest snaps easily secure the harness. Whether you’re looking to make a bold fashion statement or require a secure and comfortable fit, the PU Leather Virgo has you covered.

Faux Leather Capricorn

black faux leather full body sling harness mens

This PU Leather Capricorn harness is perfect for kink-lovers, featuring full body sling and a thong style, its the perfect fetish underwear. It is adjustable with V shoulder straps and an easy access snap pouch. With its comfortable fit, you’ll be able to explore all of your kinkiest fantasies. This sleek ensemble is perfect for those looking to add some edge to their intimate apparel!

Faux Leather Pisces

black faux leather harness behind shoulders mens

This PU Leather Pisces Harness is designed to flatter men’s physique while providing a secure fit. With adjustable metal buckles and metal rings, this harness offers an adjustable fit. Crafted with quality leather, and to sit perfectly on the chest and featuring adjustable straps, this harness ensures a perfect fit every time. Decorative metal studding adds a touch of style and edge to an otherwise classic look.

Faux Leather Gemini

faux leather harness

If you’re looking for the perfect faux leather harness; you’ve found it. The versatile design is adjustable, and the rings really add to the allure and experience. You can wear this out as a mens fashion harness or in the bedroom. Whatever adventure you go on, this mens harness is going to enhance your experience.

Faux Leather Aries

mens fashion harness made of faux leather featuring a blue accent

You can’t go wrong in this stylish faux leather harness. It’s adjustable and got all the bells and whistles. Wear it under or over your clothes, when it comes to a mens fashion harness, this is the perfect choice!

Faux Leather Scorpio

vegan leather chastity thong for men

Scorpio is a faux leather chastity thong for men that will keep you locked and loaded. The adjustable waist, leg and T-back straps are secured with locks & keys. Functional, yet comfortable, you’ll be in for a night to remember.

Faux Leather Taurus

faux leather mens chastity thong

This faux leather mens chastity thong cages all desires. It features a padded comfort waistband, adjustable buckle, and a chastity lock & key. Mens lingerie never looked so good! Spice up your life in this mens fetish wear.

Fetish Triton

bondage mask

Sometimes, you gotta step out of your comfort zone. We can make so many mask jokes, but in reality, this faux leather bondage mask has a purpose. We created this gem because we feel strongly that people have the right to express themselves. This faux leather bondage mask features an adjustable Velcro neck with a front ring, and plush elastic straps. Fetish masks might be a niche item, but we pride ourselves on offering something for everyone!

Fetish Vulcan

mens fetish cage short

You’ll command the room in this sexy mens fetish cage short, whether you’re the sub or the dom. The faux leather cage design is adorned with metal rings and studs, ensuring you’ll be seen just as you want to be. The comfort-fit pouch will keep your desires aged until they’re ready to breakout. The best part of this fetish cage short is it can be worn in the club or at home. With just enough to skin to tease, it’s still a full-coverage style. So go to a fetish part and steal the scene, or have one right in the privacy of your home.

Fetish Uranus

faux leather fetish wear for men

The name says it all. Uranus is the faux leather mens fetish outfit that showcases your derriere. This fetish jock brief features suspender straps and a harness style back. Mens fetish lingerie should bring a lot of fun to the bedroom; and this open bacl faux leather fetish outfit does just that! Whether you’re a sub or a dom, you can definitely take your BDSM play to another level in this incredibly sexy faux leather mens fetish outfit.

Male Lingerie

When it comes to picking out underwear for men, style is often an afterthought. We believe that needs to change which is why we offer so many styles of male lingerie for you to choose from. Lace to leather, crotchless to strappy, we have all the men’s lingerie styles you need to feel and look your best. Even if it’s new for you, lace underwear for men really isn’t anything new. Featuring different styles of lace, our men’s lingerie curves your body in all the right places and offers supportive comfort pouches. Next time someone tells you lingerie isn’t for men, prove them wrong in your new pair of sexy male lingerie.

Our Styles of Men’s Lingerie

Male Lace Lingerie

Lace is timeless, sexy, and just looks good! Regardless of your gender, anyone can look good in a pair of lace underwear. Muscular legs and abs, and even dad bods, can look great in a pair of lace lingerie. Our stretch lace collection takes men’s lace underwear to the next level making it incredibly soft, stretchy, and comfortable. Lace briefs and other styles are a great way for men to flaunt their best assets, all without sacrificing comfort. Not to mention, lace contours the package and gives a sneak preview of what’s to come, who doesn’t love a surprise?!

Backless & Crotchless Underwear

There’s something just so sexy about easy access, and that’s what comes along with our backless and crotchless men’s underwear. No more are the days when you struggle to strip down and get down to business, our styles of backless and crotchless underwear make it easy to be ready whenever the time strikes. Not only valuable during spicy nights, but our backless and crotchless men’s underwear helps you feel less restricted and free all day long, which can put you in a good mood because who doesn’t love freedom? Offering crotchless men’s underwear in nylon, stretch lace, and mesh, take your pick on the pair that best fits your style and preference!

Leather Lingerie & Fetish Wear

A style of ours that is sure to make things heat up in the bedroom is our line of leather men’s lingerie. Our styles feature sexy leather, buckles, studs, and straps to make sure to turn heads. Nothing can quite put you or your partner in the mood than the look and feel of a leather lingerie garment. It’s important to us that our men’s leather lingerie is of the utmost quality, as cheap leather will split, crack, and fall apart due to poor craftsmanship. We make sure to provide the highest quality men’s leather underwear that only gets better each time you wear it. Whether you want leather lingerie for special occasions, or for everyday wear, the choice is entirely yours!

Lingerie for Straight Men

One of the biggest focuses of our brand is we like to provide underwear to make everyone both look and feel good, and that has no sexual orientation. Stop worrying about typical gender roles! Just because you prefer women doesn’t mean you can’t also enjoy a pair of sexy lingerie for yourself. When was the last time you looked into a pair of lace lingerie for yourself? Heterosexual men typically enjoy wearing lingerie, as they believe it shows their softer and more submissive side. When choosing a pair of male lingerie, you must consider some factors about your body. Men typically have a different build than women, so as women need more fabric in the back, men need more fabric in the front. Our male lingerie is made to accommodate just that. No need to worry about the coverage, as we have a variety of lingerie styles for you to choose from to find your perfect fit.


Shop Men’s Lingerie

Men’s G-Strings: The Underwear You Should Try!

Male Power Mesh G string

When it comes to the world of underwear, there seems to be no style quite like men’s g-strings. G-strings for men have been around for a while, but there are still quite a few folks who are hesitant to try them. Many people may still question if men can wear g-strings, which is why we wanted to talk about them today. These days, there are many style options for men’s underwear, and men are finding that they are open to trying new things. After all, why should all the lingerie options be for women? If you are still on the fence, we have several reasons why g-strings should be the next underwear you should try!


They’re sexy

The biggest benefit to men’s g-strings is undeniable- they’re absolutely sexy! These minimalist pieces hug your package in just the right way to enhance and put your goods on display. The string back means that your booty will pop. G-strings are a popular sexy underwear style for women, so why not men as well? They look great and can give you a huge boost of confidence in the bedroom. G-strings also come in a range of fabrics depending on your mood. You can go with a leather-looking fabric for when you want to get kinky or a mesh fabric for that barely-there effect.


Male Power Animal G-string


They’re minimalist

If you’re someone who is a fan of going commando, a g-string might be your new favorite. These styles are very minimalist, which means you can keep your package secure from chafing without all the extra fabric. G-strings are especially good for the warmer months or spring vacations when you’d like to be wearing as little as possible. They’re great if you want to get more breathability and comfort without having to let your bits run free.


Male Power Diamond Mesh G-String


They’re minimalist

If you’re someone who is a fan of going commando, a g-string might be your new favorite. These styles are very minimalist, which means you can keep your package secure from chafing without all the extra fabric. G-strings are especially good for the warmer months or spring vacations when you’d like to be wearing as little as possible. They’re great f you want to get more breathability and comfort without having to let your bits run free.


Male Power Liquid Onyx G-string


Avoid panty lines

Some people are more aware of these than others, but to them it’s a huge fashion faux pas! Visible underwear lines can get in the way of even the best outfits but wearing thongs can help to avoid that. These thin strappy garments are the perfect invisible companion to all your most stylish outfits.


Once you try a g-string we think they may become an indispensable part of your wardrobe. These garments are more versatile than you think and they’re a great way to bring some fun to your underwear collection. They’re certainly known to bring up the heat either in the club or in the bedroom! Even if  you don’t have a partner to tantalize, trying a new pair of sexy underwear is a great way to boost your confidence, and that never hurts.

If you love g-strings, tell us why in the comments below!

Sharpen Your Edge with Cage Matte

Is your underwear drawer looking a bit tame? Same old styles and cuts that have been around forever? Maybe you are looking for something with a little bite; a pair that says you’re not one to be messed with. Enter the new Cage Matte collection. Sexy leather-look fabric gets an upgrade with four-way stretch and strappy details. These pieces are hot enough to keep you going on these rapidly approaching fall nights.


Cage Thong

If you have been searching for your new favorite sexy underwear, the Cage Thong is sure to please. This pair has just enough fabric to hold you in the right places while accenting your sides with strappy cutouts. The open back gives you plenty of room for play on hot date nights. A new sexy thong is sure to woo your partner and have them begging for more.


Cage Short

Transition easy from day to night in the Cage Short. This pair is comfy to wear during the day while giving you a real edge at night. The enhancing pouch and strappy details make sure your manhood is the center of attention. This pair exudes sex appeal while holding you in all the right places.


Strappy Ring Jock

Show off your booty in new and exciting ways while wearing the Strappy Ring Jock. This piece is one of our most popular designs for good reason. The straps and nickel-plated O-rings are perfect for a night at the dungeon or even just a steamy night in. There’s no denying the appeal of this sexy jock.


Cage Back Singlet

The Cage Back Singlet takes sexy to a new level. Show off your best features with the thruster pouch and revealing cage back. This piece would be a perfect outfit for any upcoming Halloween parties (or zoom dance parties). Tantalize and tease your partner in this perfect edgy piece.


Every piece in the Cage Matte collection is ready to bring some edge to your underwear collection. If you are an avid collector of unique underwear or looking for your first pair, this is a great place to start. Strappy designs are more popular than ever, and the leather look fabric is timeless. These pairs will be a perfect addition to your fall wardrobe, especially with Halloween around the corner. Where will you wear the Cage Matte collection? Comment below and let us know!

Daring Underwear Styles

how to take the ultimate dick pic

Men’s underwear has come a long way through the years, so how come most guys still wear the same old styles? Male Power was founded 40 years ago on the idea that men want as many options for their intimate wear as women do. Next time you are looking into buying some new pairs, why not try some unique underwear? Your old briefs might be a trusty standby, but imagine the look on your lover’s face when you reveal yourself wearing one of these sexy styles.

Cage Brief

Male Power Cage Brief

Strappy styles are popular in women’s lingerie, but have you considered trying it yourself? This pair of cage briefs hug your sides with daring straps that give your hips some room to peek out. Perfect for those nights where you want to try something a little more risqué in the bedroom, strappy underwear for men is not to be overlooked.



Men’s lace underwear may be something you do not see every day, but all the more reason to give it a try! Lace is sexy on all bodies and the semi-sheer fabric makes teasing a breeze. Good for every day or special occasions, we think that everyone should have at least one pair. Lace is timeless for a reason, isn’t it about time you gave it a shot?



Male Power Fetish Tormentor Harness G-string


If you have been looking for something to step up your bedroom game, now might be a good time to try our fetish wear. Strappy g-strings and studded leather look fabric give these pieces an erotic edge like no other. Sometimes the confidence to be adventurous in the bedroom starts with wearing something new and exciting.




Male Power Hoser Thong

So much underwear is made to tuck you away, but have you tried a pair that helps you stand out? The Hoser line is designed with an innovative sheath pouch to hold and accentuate your shaft, while the mesh fabric helps keep you cool while you bare all. This is unique underwear like you have never seen before.


We hope more than anything that our selection of unique underwear will inspire you to try something new. After all, life is short, so why wear boring underwear all the time? Confidence on the outside starts from within, and wearing a new sexy pair of underwear is a great way to boost that.

This is only a short list, so if you’re curious we recommend scrolling through our large selection of products. We are sure you’ll find something exciting. If you have worn unique underwear before, comment below to let us know!

Cage Matte Cage Short

mens erotic black underwear

Strap in for a good time with the Cage Matte Cage Short. This leather look matte fabric is both easy to care for and hugs you with a four-way stretch. Strappy side cutouts and enhancing pouch will surely turn up the heat.

Cage Matte Cage Back Singlet

mens sexy black singlet

Spice things up in this Cage Matte Cage Back Singlet. Criss cross shoulder straps hold up this sensual piece while strappy cutouts accentuate the back. With stretchy leather look fabric and a supportive comfort pouch, this sexy singlet is not one to be missed.

Introducing BDSM in the Bedroom

Mens Kinky Leather Underwear

BDSM and kink have become more popular in the last few years, but it can still be very daunting to try. It can feel like there is so much involved, from techniques, toys and even risk levels. But it doesn’t have to be so scary. Whether you’ve been thinking about it for a while or are newly curious, we’d like to give you some tips on how to introduce BDSM in the bedroom in a fun and safe way.

What is BDSM?

Before you jump in, it might be useful to know what BDSM means. BDSM is an acronym that is broken into three subcategories: Bondage/discipline, dominance/submission and sadism/masochism. Most play falls under at least one of these categories, but everyone’s desire is different, and no two people’s play looks the same. It may seem a bit overwhelming at first but remember you don’t have to be an expert on day one!


Good communication is always our #1 tip when it comes to any kind of relationship, and that goes double for couples who want to try BDSM. It can be hard to share our desires for things that seem outside of the sexual “norm”, especially if we are affected by years of internalized shame about those desires. What many people don’t know is that BDSM activities have been a regular part of human sexuality for thousands of years. There is no reason to feel shame for having perfectly normal and healthy sexuality!

When opening up to your partner about an interest BDSM, it is important to be as honest as possible. Set aside some time where you can have a relaxed discussion about your wants and needs where you don’t have to feel rushed. It can feel scary to share this vulnerable part of ourselves but if you and your partner trust each other, the experience can bring you closer. When you start to negotiate specific details, it can be helpful to start with a guideline. You might find a Yes-No-Maybe sheet to be an invaluable resource. These can be filled out by both you and your partner, and it’s basically a list where you write the activities that you are and aren’t interested in. Click here to find one of our favorites, where it not only lists activities, but also language to be used in play and feelings that you want to feel.


Leather Handcuffs on a banana


BDSM is certainly a step up from regular sex, so you don’t want to go jumping in without researching first. Many activities people engage can be a risk to either physical or mental health and it’s best to consider your personal risk profile before you play. You also want to investigate safety logistics for whatever kind of play you want to try.  If you are interested in any kind of impact or whipping, make sure to look up what parts of the body are safe to hit and which are not. Movies and TV have been portraying BDSM for many years but those are not good resources for safety information! Researching before you play is important for safety reasons, and it can also give you ideas for things you may not have thought of before. If you don’t know where to begin, the New Topping Book and New Bottoming Book can be a good start.


Safe Words

It may be a trope, but safewords are a very important part of safe BDSM play. When you negotiate play with your partner, you will both want to let the other know what activities you are okay with and not okay with. Sometimes things may get a little too intense during play, so you want to make sure to have a word or action that will stop the scene in that moment. Many people use the stoplight system: Green means good, yellow means slow down or pause, and red means stop. You can discuss the specifics of what each color means so you’re both on the same page. Some people like to pick their own as well. If you plan to engage in play where someone is gagged, you can make that person hold onto a ball or scarf that they can drop if they need things to stop. There are many ways to communicate during a scene so talk about what works best for you.


Handcuffs and a flogger for BDSM


Take it slow

Often some of the biggest mistakes we make when trying BDSM happen because we jumped in head first. Remember to take things slow and pace yourself so you don’t hurt yourself or others. Limit your play sessions to trying sensations, or only do one or two activities at a time. After your scenes you can decompress with your partner and talk about what was most enjoyable so you can build upon it next time. Remember that you will always have time to do more in the future, so don’t rush and have fun!


BDSM is often an intense experience, so it’s important to have some kind of aftercare when you’re finished playing. Aftercare looks different to a lot of people.  It can be just you cuddling with your partner and talking about what you did afterwards. Some people like to watch movies or eat chocolate. Talk to your partner ahead of time about what kind of aftercare you would both want to come down from your play. It can be difficult sometimes to know what you want before you play, and that’s okay! Just give each other the space to ask for what you need and you can figure it out as you go.


Though it may feel overwhelming when you start, taking it slow and having good communication with your partner will be the best way to go about it. So long as you are having fun, there are no hard rules as to what your BDSM play should look like! We hope you’ve been inspired to try something new and have fun.

Business On Top, Party Underneath

business on top, party underneath

You know what it’s like working in an office… Stuck doing the same tasks daily, in a strict “business professional” dress code. Although, as time has gone one, and office culture gets a little more modernized; more colors are introduced and accepted within traditional business attire. Nevertheless, the changes have been small and relatively unsubstantial. There really isn’t anything fun about most office approved outfits. Day to day, greys and blacks can be accented with a subtle colors. But at the end of the day not even pinstripes can really jazz you up on the inside. Regardless of how sharp you look. That’s where your underwear comes in.

Male Power offers the largest variety of men’s underwear in the world. This includes many fun and unique options for you to wear under your office-restricted clothing. If you try something new, you might find yourself more comfortable and a little uninhibited. Let’s take a look at where you might fit in, when it comes to what kind of underwear you should consider under your business suit.


colorful men's underwear

Need a Little Fun?

If fun was a color what would it be? A bright color of course! When it comes to underwear, if you’re looking for something that screams fun; you want to look for something that either has some bright colors, or something that has a funky pattern that you really can get behind.  If your preference is in the color, then you might want to opt for our Retro Active Mini Short available in purple and orange. With their all-way stretch and comfort pouches any of the styles offered are perfect choice to liven up your day. If you’re looking for more of a funky pattern, then the Kaleidoscope collection might be for you. Contrasting, black plush elastic accents and a super bright printed pattern makes this collection all around fun. If you really want to smile bright knowing what you’re rocking underneath, check out our Neon Mesh collection. Incredibly soft, comfortable and racy; Its mesh is completely see-through and available in four neon colors: Lime, Orange, Pink, and Yellow.

Want to Feel Luxurious?

Are you the type of person that wants to feel fancy under your clothes? If you are, then our line of silk underwear is perfect for you. There’s nothing better than slipping into your favorite pair of comfortable silk underwear. The feeling of the soft and cool fabric on your package is second to none. With ten underwear styles offered in black, cobalt and red, we have the perfect choice to match any of your suits. Check out our Magic Silk Knit Panel Short, with the plush branded elastic waistband and soft, supple and beautifully crafted knit silk fabric, these are the perfect pair of undies to wear under any business attire.

Are You Frisky?

Are you a business professional on the outside but on the inside you’re a little (or a lot) kinky? Well your underwear is the perfect place to show off your kinky side without putting it on show for everyone in your office. Try on our Peep Show Jock, this pair has some metal ring accents with a mesh that gives a peek of what’s underneath. With the sexy accents throughout, this jock is the perfect style for someone to stay kinky and still be professional.

Are You All For Comfort?

If you’re the type of person that is all for comfort during the long hours of sitting at your desk. Then we have a ton of different styles that accentuate your body and are super comfortable. It comes down to the fabric, and we have many different options for you to choose from. If you’re looking for comfort it might be best to look for something that breathes well, keeps you cool, and provides you with the most comfort possible. Our Heather Rib Low Rise Enhancer Bikini holds you in in all the right places. It’s made of a super soft combination of Rayon, Poly, and Spandex to offer maximum comfort. If you’re someone who sweats down there, especially in the summer, you might want to opt for more of a breathable fabric like Bamboo. The Bamboo collection is naturally thermal controlled and moisture-wicking while also offering great fit and comfort for any day in the office.

Want Some Air?

If you’re someone that likes to be a little free and to feel the soft fabric of your dress pants on your booty. You might want to opt for a pair of underwear like our Liquid Onyx Posing Strap. With a G-string back and a plush elastic trim, this four-way stretch comfort pouch is the perfect pair of underwear to offer maximum comfort while also keeping you free and covered.

Regardless of your choice of underwear, it’s always important to choose what you like and you’re comfortable wearing. That being said, it may also benefit you to choose a pair of underwear that you might not wear regularly in your day to day life. To get out of your daily rut pick a pair to seriously spice up your day. Hey, you never know, it might be your new go-to pair of underwear.

The Ultimate (Underwear) Gift Guide: Make This Holiday Season the Best Yet!

the ultimate (underwear) gift guide

As we all know, the holiday season is quickly approaching. The expectation of having the best gift ever is at an all-time high. The only thing is… we all have that person in our life that seems to have nearly everything; and you can’t think of ANYTHING to get them. Well, thankfully, we have an easy solution for something that everyone can never have enough of. Underwear!

Forget the ways of the past, where receiving gifts like socks for the holidays was looked down upon. These days, giving someone a gift they’ll use, is their favorite. We can think of a ton of people who would love a pair of comfortable and stylish underwear for the holidays. You may be thinking: how can I get EVERYONE on my shopping list underwear for the holidays? The answer is, choose based on style and function. What we’ll get into today, is the types of underwear for everyone on your shopping list and which style you should gift.

best loungewear gifts for men

Comfy Loungewear: Family, Parents to Children, Sibling to Sibling

There’s nothing better than getting a new super comfy pair of underwear or loungewear for around the house. Especially during the Winter. If you’re like us, cuddling up in your underwear with a nice cup of hot chocolate under a soft blanket is ideal, and comfort is key in this situation. If you’re looking to get some loungewear for the ones you love, we suggest anything from our Bamboo, Rayon Swag or Silk Knit collections. These three lines are quite literally the most comfortable underwear you will ever wear on (or off!) your bottom. If you’re someone that likes to stay covered up in the Winter, the Bamboo and Silk lines have a lounge pant and t-shirt, made of the same soft and breathable fabric as the underwear styles. Check out all our loungewear here.

best christmas gag gifts

Playful Underwear: Friends

If you’re open to some fun, and maybe even some gag gifts, we have the perfect gifts to give to your friends. You’re more than welcome to give your best friend a pair of comfy underwear they’ll love and wear every day. But wouldn’t it be funnier to see the look on their faces when they open up their gift to reveal a pair of novelty underwear or our St. Dick costume? Whether you want to choose specifically for the holidays, with Rock Hard Rudy, or you want to make them laugh with the Sock Puppet Bikini, the possibilities are endless. Our Novelty collection includes twenty different Novelty styles to choose from You’re sure to find something to shock your best friend and make them laugh. Check out our Novelty underwear styles here.

best sexy gifts for men

Sexy Underwear: Spouse/Lover

Now come on, this one’s a no brainer! Giving your spouse or lover a pair of super sexy underwear for the holidays not only is a gift for them. It’s a gift for you too! With more than 200 styles to choose from, you’re destined to find them something both they and you will love. Why not take a peek with the Peep Show or get kinky with Liquid Onyx? There are endless styles for you to choose from, check out our sexy styles here. If you’re not that type of couple. There’s nothing to worry about! You can also gift comfy loungewear or funny novelty underwear. Whatever you decide, underwear should be your choice!

sexy gifts for men


It may worry you to think of gifting underwear to everyone on your shopping list, but we see no reason. With the high-quality and super comfortable underwear that Male Power offers, they’re sure to love their pair! But, if for some reason they don’t. You’re welcome to exchange or return unwashed and unworn items for something they’ll love within thirty days of purchase.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Male Power to you!

Keep Summer Hot: Terracotta

Summer may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean your “Hot Girl Summer” has to end! Keep your booty looking plump and sizzling all year round with the new Terracotta collection from Male Power Underwear. You’ll feel like you’re in summer underwear, but you don’t have to wait for summertime. The line features three sexy styles showcasing desert hues to keep you looking hot all year long.

You can keep what’s left of summer (and beyond) scorching with these styles that features sheer mesh inserts and enhancements, in addition to the ultra-plush waistbands and trim. This underwear is sure to evoke your inner southwest flavor. Where would be best place to wear this underwear? We have that answer for you right here!

To The Rodeo

When you think of the southwest what do you think of? The rodeo of course! Being one of the most popular events in the American Southwest. It should be your first stop as the summer comes to a “real” close. If you make it to the rodeo, be sure to wear a pair of Male Power’s Terracotta Butt Lift Shorts. You may attract some eyes because your butt will be nice and perky. Not only will this short help you add some extra volume, the sheer stretch mesh fabric will definitely keep you nice and cool all rodeo long.

To The Saloon

You may think of a saloon and think back to many years ago when western saloons were the place to be, and wonder how in 2019 saloons still exist. Surprisingly, saloons do still exist and they are the place to be. If you plan on going to the saloon, we recommend wearing the Terracotta Panel Thong with a pair of leather chaps. Nothing is sexier than putting your butt on display in this desert hued thong!

On A Hike

Nothing says summer more than a scenic hike on a gorgeous day. Now that it’s the end of the summer and going to feel like early Autumn; it’s the perfect time to go on a hike since it’s not too hot and not too cold. Nothing will prepare you more for the climbing and exploring of a hike than the Terracotta Panel Jock. Featuring a tan panel on either side, this jock is sure to give you some extra support; possibly more than you’re used to from other jocks. Once you get to the mountain peak, the decorative design and desert hues are sure to make for a fun photo op.

With their sleek satin finish, this underwear is sure to keep you comfortable constantly while you wear them. The paneling and conforming elastics are sure to give your body the extra boost it needs to look your best. If you want to keep your Summer going all year long, we think you should check out the Terracotta collection!

Dazzle Bikini

Dazzle Bikini Burgandy

You’ll shine bright in this men’s fashion bikini. The shimmering metallic stripes add a stylish flair to the textured fabric. We guarantee comfort in this dazzling design because of it supportive front coverage, two-inch sides and supple faux-leather accents.

It’s Your Time to Shine: Dazzle

male power dazzle collection

Think of this, it’s date night, although it probably seems like any another night. That is, with the countless other dates you’ve already had, especially if it’s not your first date. But you think to yourself, how can I make this one special?

You take a look into your underwear drawer, and you see the same underwear that you’ve worn time and time again. Isn’t it time for a switch up from your ordinary boxer brief? Or, better yet, a switch up from the same pair of sexy underwear you wear each time? No matter the agenda, or the plan for the night, our new Dazzle collection is sure to light up your partner’s eyes as they take a peek at what’s underneath!

This new exciting line features supple and comfortable fabric with shimmering metallic stripes that are sure to turn heads in two retro-inspired colors. The line also features faux-leather waistband and trim to give you a boost in all the right places. Whether it be a night on the town or a home-cooked meal night in, here’s when you should choose each style.


Night On the Town

If your date night consists of dinner reservations at the same restaurant, it’s about time you make a change. If your significant other is adamant about going to this same restaurant, then switching up your underwear is the only option you have! For a night on the town, we recommend the Dazzle Insert Bikini. Not only will you be comfortable all night, but with accenting faux leather trim around your pouch you’re sure to draw attention to dessert!

dazzle bikini





Night In

If you and your partner opt for the night in under a candlelit home-cooked meal, then we recommend the Dazzle Insert Short. This short is sure to give you maximum comfort while also still featuring its dazzling metallic fabric. Don’t worry, candlelight won’t be the only thing lighting up the room while you strut your stuff in this sexy underwear.

dazzle short






We all know and love the infamous mini-golf date, oftentimes couples will opt for this date if they’re feeling rather sporty and want to switch things up in the summer. But being more active than sitting at a dinner table, you’re going to want to be comfortable and able to move. That’s where the Dazzle Panel Jock comes in. Not only will you feel sporty while rocking this jock, but you’ll also be able to increase your chances of getting a hole in one, in more ways than one.

dazzle jock





Karaoke Night

Confidence comes from within, especially when it comes to karaoke night. Not many have the confidence to get up on the stage and belt out the lyrics to their favorite songs in front of a ton of strangers. That’s where the Dazzle Insert Thong comes in. Knowing you have a sexy pair of underwear underneath, you’re sure to feel confident and ready to show off, even if your dazzling underwear is only to be seen by your partner. Dazzle the crowd with your awesome vocals, just like you’re going to dazzle your partner with your sexy thong.





Dazzle is offered in four different styles in two retro-inspired colors, this collection is great for any special occasion. Being subtly ribbed, this underwear is sure to shimmer in any light and keep eyeballs glued to what’s most intriguing. What do you think of this new line? What style is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below just how much your partner was dazzled!

Strapped & Bound Jock

Strapped & Bound Jock

Spoil yourself and your lover when you wear this luxurious fashion jock. Our Strapped & Bound Jock features sexy leather-look straps and leg bands that decorate and accentuate your body. The textured semi-sheer fabric provides a seductive feel and look. You’ll love everything about this style.

Strapped & Bound Short

Strapped & Bound Short

Put yourself on display in our Strapped & Bound Short. This trunk is super-sexy, playful and stylish. The sheer peek-a-boo pouch offers extreme breathability and a teasing glimpse of your package. The leather-look straps and semi-sheer textured fabric provide stylish comfort that can be worn all day…. or night.

Strapped & Bound Thong

Strapped & Bound Thong

Dress yourself up before you even put on your clothes. Our Strapped & Bound Thong decorates and enhances your favorite assets while keeping you comfortable and stylish all day long. Leather-look straps are paired with semi-sheer textured fabric for the perfect combination. Everyone deserves to feel sexy in their underwear.

Heavy Metal Mini Short

mens club underwear

The Heavy Metal Mini Short is the perfect club underwear. This metallic short stands out while your dancing. It’s comfortable too! The poly spandex blend  gives you the wet-look without sticky latex or chafing leather. When you’re wearing club underwear, you have to make the right choice. You can go-go boy in these, or just strip down when the mood strikes. However you rock this style, you’re going to love it!

Fetish Jouster

Fetish Jouster

An unforgettable duel is in store for you in the Fetish Jouster. This will be a bout like no other when you joust in our sexy G-Thong and elongated contour-fit pouch. Its decorative, leather-look make you the favorite in this one.

Fetish Cyclops

Fetish Cyclops

Let it all hang out with this hedonistic design. The revealing jockstrap features an open crotch accented with a metal, ring and a classic, jock styled back. Decorative studs and leather-look, stretch, Cire fabric complete the look. Wear this and fulfill someone’s ultimate fetish.

Extreme Double Ring Jock

Extreme Double Ring Jock

Your bell will be ringing in this Extreme Double Ring Jock. Open the door easily with the open crotch and two detachable, rubber rings. The leather look and soft fabric wrap up this perfect package.

Animal Sport Jock

Animal Sport Jock sexy lingerie underwear

Primal attraction is a definite in your Animal Sport Jock. Its scant look will surely lead to intense encounters, yet its comfort will keep you calm and cool. No holding back in your sexy cire leather look waist and leg bands.

The Evolution of Underwear

the evolution of underwear blog

Just like anything, underwear has a history, and can date back to more than 7,000 years ago. Regardless of the time period, there was always something that can be referred to as underwear. Men have always needed some sort of support when it comes to their package. Enjoy the ride as we breakdown the evolution of underwear and how we got to what we know it as today.


the evolution of underwear the loincloth

The Loincloth 

This is the first known type of underwear. It dates back to more than 7,000 years ago. Prehistoric men used to use a piece of leather or other fabric to cover their loins while they did their daily tasks. Although this didn’t offer much protection to their family jewels, it got the job done in covering up. (Although their loins were still potentially in harm’s way). For many centuries after that, not much changed, as the use of loincloths can be shown in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Pharaohs and common people alike, everyone is shown to have worn some version of the loincloth. It was also popular during the time for pharaohs to wear something similar to a kilt called a shendoh. Historians say that King Tut was found to be buried with more than 145 loincloths. Obviously, they wanted him to be well prepared!


The Braie

The next evolution of underwear was the Braie. Around the 14th and 15th centuries, Braies became all the rage. A step up from the loincloth, this garment was worn by all men to protect and cover their groin area. These had more of a shape than loincloths and tended to offer more support to the groin area. Although more supportive, they were essentially a pair of loose trousers that tied at the waist, thigh, and at the ankle. These underwear styles came into serious fashion in the middle ages.


The Codpiece 

After the brai, the codpiece started to grow in popularity. The codpiece were loose-fitting trousers that tied at the waist and the shins ensuring protection from the elements. The benefit of all of this coverage, was if a man got hot during a day of work, he could easily strip down to his codpiece and still have some dignity. Eventually, codpieces introduced buttons, snaps, and laces to make it easier for men to go to the bathroom while wearing this undergarment.

While codpieces started out as just a loose fitting cloth, they evolved and the hemlines rose, they became tighter, and padding was added (yes, even back then they wanted to make sure their package looked great). It all started in the 16th century when King Henry VIII started to pad his codpiece. The codpiece started to lose its popularity around 1590.


The Drawers

From the period of the codpiece to the period of the boxers, men would wear a tight pair of knee-length flannel drawers under their pants and wore similar flannel shirts underneath their tops. These were popular up until the late 1800s with the introduction of the Union Suit.


The Union Suit

Very similar to drawers, this was a head to toe “onesie” made of flannel became all the rage before boxers. These suits were comfortable and easy to wear and had front and rear buttons to allow easy access to go to the bathroom.


The Boxer Shortwhy were boxers created

The first true step in the evolution of underwear we are familiar with today. The boxer was invented before the briefs, this pair of underwear was a very loose fitting piece of fabric that men would wear under their clothes. They really didn’t have much success, though, as they did not offer much support. They weren’t that popular until the younger generations saw them as an opportunity for new fashion.


The Jockstrapthe origins of a jockstrap

The inspiration for this design was for bike riders who rode on rough, cobblestone streets. Originating in 1874, this classic design supersedes the brief by about sixty years. Supportive, comfortable and functional, the jockstrap as evolved from simply a supportive undergarment made for bicyclists to a staple in most men’s underwear drawers, not only are they worn for most sports and other activities that require extra support; fashion jocks are some of the more sought after jock styles. Whether you’re looking for function or fashion, jockstraps are here to stay and incredibly sexy.

Designer Underwear 

In its final step in evolution, underwear as we know today. Starting in the 1970s designer underwear started to become all the rage, men were no longer confined to jocks, boxers or briefs in linen and cotton. They wanted prints, thongs, accents, and why shouldn’t they want to feel sexy in their underwear? Sam Baker started Male Power in 1974; he was a visionary. Male Power was offering novelty underwear, thongs, shorts, boxers, in all sorts of different prints and fabrics before it really became popular. It’s crazy to think that it all started out with a piece of fabric over a man’s loins and developed into stylish and fashionable underwear that is worn to accentuate the package and the booty. We are proud to say that Male Power has been there since the beginning of men’s fashionable underwear, and we are here to stay!how did mens underwear evolve

What do you think of this history of underwear, and what type of underwear was the most shocking to you? Sound off in the comments below!

Choose Your Collection

Every collection is created with the wearer in mind to make sure they feel stylish and comfortable. We offer the largest variety of men’s sexy underwear in the world, and each design includes soft stretch fabrics and a comfortable fit which guarantees you’ll find something you love.

Learn More About our Male Underwear Styles

What Male Underwear Styles Do You Carry?
We have the largest collection of men’s sexy underwear and male underwear for everyday wear, so whether you’re looking for something a little more risque you can take a look at our lingerie and fetish collections. We even have styles that can be more practical for daily wear and are more covered up like boxer briefs and bikini briefs. Thinking you need a style that shows a little more skin? Take a look at our mens thong underwear and our mens g string underwear, both styles provide support and coverage in all the right places but also lets your assets breathe free. Guys who are looking for something on the racier side should take a look at these types of styles. It’s important to us that we stay ahead of the trends to keep you stylish in whatever male underwear style you choose.

Which Men’s Underwear Style is for Every Day?
This is all up to your personal preference, which is why we carry such a large range! If you’re someone who likes to typically stay more muted in the men’s underwear styles you choose, our mens boxer briefs and shorts are the perfect style for everyday wear, working out, and really any activity. Our favorite collection for everyday wear is our line of mens bamboo underwear. Bamboo is a great material because it’s super soft, moisture-wicking, antimicrobial, and just all-around comfortable. The great thing about our bamboo mens underwear is the range of styles we have. With our bamboo collection, we have a bamboo boxer brief and bamboo lounge pants, but we also feature bamboo thongs and other styles! If you’re looking for a style that can stay comfortable all day long, check out our bamboo collection.

Which Style is Erotic Male Underwear?
Looking for something a little more risque? Take a look at our sheer mens underwear styles, or our erotic mens underwear featuring lace, straps, and tons of cutouts. With these erotic styles, you can keep your partner guessing, especially since you can buy an erotic style for every night of the week! Choosing an erotic mens underwear style can not only help you look good but feel good too and help to make your intimate nights that much more intimate. Whenever you’re ready to get down and dirty, you can turn up the heat with or collection of mens erotic underwear. Better yet, get a style of mens sheer underwear or another sexy style for yourself! Our mens underwear styles aren’t specifically for those with a partner, they’re perfect for single individuals as well.

What Fabrics Are Your Male Underwear?
Not only is it important to us that we carry a variety of styles, but it’s also important to us that we carry a variety of fabrics for your mens underwear styles as well. We carry mens underwear in cotton, modal, microfiber, satin, nylon, lace, polyester, silk, leather, and more. Whatever fabric or material of mens underwear you can imagine, we carry it for you! Spice up your underwear collection with a variety of mens underwear materials and fabrics.



Male Lingerie, Men’s Thongs, Men’s Sexy Underwear, & More

Are you looking for a pair of men’s lingerie? If so then you’ve come to the right place. With hundreds of styles of men’s sexy underwear and comfortable men’s underwear designs, you’re sure to find a pair to fit both your style. You may question whether lingerie for men is an option, and we’re here to tell you the answer is yes! Whether you’re looking for men’s thongs, men’s g strings, sheer bikinis, jockstraps, fashion harnesses, or more; we have the selection for you to choose from. We believe that everyone deserves to both look and feel good; which is why we offer such a variety of styles and fabrics. Our male lingerie is different. Whether it’s lace underwear or spandex underwear, it’ll always help show off your best assets. Regardless of what you’re looking for, we have the largest selection of male underwear you can find.

Learn More About our Male Lingerie Styles

Jockstraps for Men

Often, you’re stuck between the decision of choosing a pair of bikini briefs or a pair of boxer briefs, Have you ever considered going into a different direction; and choosing a jockstrap? Jockstraps are one of our most popular styles due to their comfort, versatility, and support. Whether you’re cleaning the house, working out at the gym, or playing volleyball with friends, our jockstrap styles are sure to keep you comfortable and supported all day long. Male jock strap underwear features ultra-supportive pouches, comfortable plush waistbands, and two straps that wrap around your behind. Wearing a jockstrap is a surefire way to help your body breathe no matter your daily task. One-half comfort, the other half practicality, our jockstrap underwear is a favorite for a reason.

Male Thongs

Thongs are definitely an underrated men’s underwear style that you need to add to your underwear collection. The styles are constructed with a supportive pouch, comfortable waistband, and a Y-shaped back that provide. This combination provides freedom and comfort all at the same time. Men’s thong underwear is great because it moves with you, giving you a comfortable and supportive feel all day long. If you’re looking for a supportive thong, our spandex thongs are among the most popular styles for men looking for a supportive pair of men’s underwear. Not only are male thongs the perfect choice for function and fashion; the supportive pouch on some of the enhancing thongs also keeps your package looking its best. Choose a pair of men’s thong underwear if you’re looking for a style that’s as comfortable as it is sexy.

Men’s G String Underwear

In recent years men’s g string underwear has become a popular style for men to choose when looking to explore different men’s underwear styles. Due to their minimalistic design, they’re often the chosen piece of male lingerie when someone is looking to expand their horizons. Contrary to popular belief, g strings are a supportive style due to their front pouch; even though many think that g strings for men are typically just a fashion style. At Male Power, we work hard on the construction of our male lingerie styles. We construct our g string underwear to be as supportive and comfortable as it is practical for daily wear. If you’re looking for a new pair of male lingerie that’s affordable and high-quality, you need to take a look at our g string styles.

Men’s Bikini Briefs

Starting out as a popular swimwear style, bikini’s evolved into the now popular and well-known men’s bikini brief styles of men’s underwear. Our styles are more of the sexy sibling to the more commonly recognized original brief underwear’s style. Our men’s bikini briefs feature both high-cut styles and low-cut styles, in addition to a great number of decorative accents like zippers, cutouts, straps, and more. Offering a more stylish look and feel, bikini brief underwear should be your upgrade from your generic men’s briefs if you’re ready to try out men’s sexy underwear. The style of men’s bikini underwear provides support in both the pouch and the behind, keeping all of your assets in place and looking their best. Whether you’re looking for backless bikini briefs, rip-off bikini briefs, or enhancing bikini briefs, we have a large collection of male bikini underwear for you to choose from.

Boxer Briefs & Men’s Mini Shorts

One of the most popular styles for daily wear, men’s boxer briefs and mini shorts are a versatile men’s underwear style no matter what the daily task. This style of men’s underwear is considered to be the best underwear to sleep in; it is also thought of as the best men’s underwear for working out. Men tend to wear mini shorts to go out with friends because boxer brief styles have you covered in all aspects. Boxer briefs are increasingly popular due to their comfortable length, defining fit, and all-around support. Here at Male Power we know how important those characteristics are when making quality men’s underwear. We offer the largest selection of collections, styles, colors, and fabrics. Our men’s boxer shorts are available in endless colors and fabrics like cotton, lace, bamboo, and more. If you’re looking for a sexy men’s boxer brief, we have styles with cutouts and straps. Or, if you’re looking for an ultra-comfortable pair to lounge in, you should check out our bamboo boxer briefs that are antibacterial, thermally controlled and moisture-wicking. If you’re looking for a boxer brief for working out, we have styles of micro mesh boxer briefs that provide breathability and support during your workout. We even have see-through boxer briefs and net boxer briefs if you’re looking for a sexier style for bedroom fun. Whether you’re looking for trunks, mini shorts, or boxer briefs we have the styles for you to choose from.

Male Lingerie Styles

If you’re someone who’s looking for a sexier style, we have the largest and best men’s lingerie selection of erotic styles for you to choose from. Men’s lace underwear, crotchless underwear, faux leather fashion harnesses, and BDSM fetish styles are just a small description of our men’s sexy underwear and lingerie styles. We understand you may need to spice things up in the bedroom or in your love life. Sexy male underwear is the way to do just that. Spark a new fire in your relationship with your partner and with yourself. Wearing men’s lingerie is a great way to keep you feeling as sexy as you look. Our collection of lace lingerie for men is incredibly soft with its stretchy fit to move with you. Our leather fetish wear for men feature buckles, studs, and straps are made of quality materials that can hold up over time with whatever you throw at them. You need to keep in mind that our male lingerie styles aren’t for one specific type of person. You will find styles that can be lingerie for straight men. Whatever your sexual orientation, confidence has no preference, so if you’re ready to feel sexy and ready for anything, you need to try our styles of men’s sexy underwear and male lingerie.


Male Power has one of the largest collections of sexy men’s underwear on the market. With our endless styles, colors, and fabrics you’re sure to find a pair to fit your lifestyle and fashion preferences. From comfortable styles to sexy styles, and everything fun in between our collection of men’s underwear is second to none. Not only that, but Male Power strives to stay ahead of the trends to keep you stylish and looking your best which is why we’re always releasing new styles for you to choose from. Whatever your choice, Male Power is the best source for male lingerie and men’s sexy underwear styles, you can thank us later.

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