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Underwear has evolved dramatically over the past 40 years. Male Power has had the honor of paving the way for innovative designs and refreshing, yet subtle (and not-so subtle) accents since 1974. Because we offer the largest variety of men’s underwear in the world; we decided to create this guide to help you find the perfect style for you.


best underwear for working out


Our Athletic category includes a variety of styles geared towards working out, athleisure and sports underwear. Whether you’re looking for breathability, support, comfort, functionality or antibacterial and moisture-wicking properties – you will definitely find what you need.

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Best Sellers

With hundreds of male lingerie and underwear styles, it can be overwhelming to look through to pick out your perfect pair. [expand title= "Read More"] Well, guess what, we've made it easier! Here you'll find the curated list of our best-selling men's underwear styles that our customers love and we're sure you'll love them too. Whether you're looking for the new perfect male thong, or the perfect workout underwear short, or maybe even a little bit of men's lace underwear, you'll find the crowd favorites here. So take a look, stay a while, and have fun while you explore our endless styles of men's sexy underwear! [/expand]

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Every Day

Finally, a variety of the most comfortable men's underwear you can find. They're high-quality, practical and often a little sexy. Whatever you choose, you will love it and wear it time and time again.

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Comfort is an absolute must when it comes to relaxation; the loungewear we offer covers the necessities including the two most wonderful fabrications known to man; Bamboo and Silk. Once you try these, you won’t look at pajamas or underwear the same ever again.

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Male Lingerie

Our sexy male lingerie options feature crotchless cutouts, open backs, cock-rings, fetish wear and extreme styling, and so much more! We offer every type of mens lingerie we can think of; such as mens crotchless underwear (open front mens underwear), mens erotic underwear, mens tear-away underwear, backless underwear, and so much more. Male Power is the place to find the best male lingerie with our hundreds of top-quality styles. [expand title= "Learn More About our Male Lingerie"] What is Male Lingerie? Many think of the word "lingerie" and associate it with women, but lingerie for men, even straight men, is much more common than you think. Don't you think that men should feel sexy too? With male lingerie, you can feel like a stud, not only for your partner but also yourself! Our wide collection of male lingerie includes many colors, styles, and fabrics for you to choose from, so you can find the perfect pair for you to wear! Not only do we have a large collection, but all of our male lingerie is affordable and high quality. If you're looking for a more generic style, we offer traditional mens underwear styles. What Features Do Your Styles Have? It's important that we offer stylish lingerie styles, which is why we offer so many fun features with our underwear. If you're looking for styles that are either more revealing or more covered, we have those lingerie styles in our collection. Our lingerie styles feature leather and polyester styles, with studded accents or strappy styles. Whatever your preference our collection of male lingerie styles has something for everyone. Some of our styles also feature our grip & rip style for easy removal when the mood strikes. We even have crotchless and pouchless styles if you're looking for a style that's a little more risque. Our wide range of male lingerie truly has a style for everyone. Whether you're interested in jockstrap styles, men's thong styles, or g strings, our line of male lingerie makes it easy for you to choose! Do Men Wear Lingerie? Of course, they do! Men deserve to feel like the sexy studs they are, which is why it's so important for us to carry our extensive line of male lingerie. Lingerie styles are fun and can make you feel fun and flirty. Our male lingerie doesn't have a specific sexual preference, we offer lingerie for straight men, gay men, and everything in between and beyond. You can wear lingerie in both casual and sexy moments, and even wear something a little sexy under your clothes! Lingerie for men is great because it's form-fitting and comfortable for all-day wear. Whenever you decide to wear lingerie, it's important to us that our styles are as comfortable as they are sexy, so you don't have to sacrifice comfort to look and feel good. Do You Sell Men's BDSM and Fetish Clothing? Here at Male Power, we try our absolute best to have something for everyone, which is why our lingerie styles range in variety. Whether you're looking for a new men's fetish style or if you're in search of your next men's BDSM and bondage outfit, our wide variety of leather studded and strappy styles will help you feel sexy and frisky. Thinking of getting into role-playing when it comes to your time with your partner? We have a wide range of men's role play costumes as well. Whatever your interest may be, we have the fetish and BDSM clothing for your needs. [/expand]

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New Arrivals

If you love to stay up on trends, then our new arrivals are for you. You'll find only the newest designs here; ensuring we provide you with the sexiest, trendiest, most stylish men's underwear around.

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Whether you’re seeking the perfect gag gift or are into some really funny underwear; look no further than the original Novelty collection by Male Power! With a multitude of funny undies to choose from, you will be sure to find the exact thing you weren’t looking for, but can’t live without.

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Sexy is in the eye of the beholder. Well, we think that’s how the saying goes... Whether you're looking for mens thong underwear, mens g strings, or bikini briefs, Male Power has the largest variety of mens sexy underwear in the world; unique designs, decorative accents and fabric options galore, if you’re looking for sexy mens underwear – you have found the Promised Land.

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Bikini Briefs

We offer a vast selection of briefs for men. Our bikini-brief options include: classic styling, high-cuts, low-cuts, or accents such as decorative fabrics, rings, zippers and cutouts. Because there are so many choices, we guarantee that the styles offered are always comfortable. Each bikini includes full frontal support and rear coverage. Any of these are a great choice for anyone who wants to be sexy, cute, and practical.

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Whether you’re looking for something sporty or something bold, a jock will meet your needs. Jocks never sacrifice comfort or support, while at the same time maintaining minimal to moderate coverage. Our jockstraps for men are both functional and fashionable, so you never have to choose one over the other. [expand title= "Learn More About our Jockstraps"] What is Jockstrap Underwear? The first jockstrap underwear was made for active men, whether it be bicyclists or football players, but due to the versatile nature of the style, it's become an increasingly popular style. Jockstrap underwear features a supportive front pouch to contour your package with ease, a plush waistband, and two straps that wrap around your behind and connect to the pouch. If you've never tried out jockstrap underwear, you should take a look at our styles. Are Jockstraps Sexy? It's ultimately up to personal preference, but nowadays many see the athletic men's underwear style as a staple not only for daily wear or lounging but also as additional sex appeal for your partners. We know how important comfort and support are when choosing your new pair of underwear, which is why all of our male jockstraps have a contour pouch made of high-quality fabric. We also make sexy jock strap underwear in a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics for you to choose from. With see-through jockstrap styles, sports jockstrap styles, and lounging jock strap underwear you're sure to find a style to perfectly fit in your underwear collection. Do Men Wear Jockstraps? When choosing a new style of men's underwear for your collection, you may be trying to decide which underwear style is best for you. There are several things to consider when deciding, inclusive of, how much coverage are you looking for? When will you be wearing these underwear styles? Men's jockstrap underwear is different because although it may have similar cuts and pouches to other men's underwear styles, it's one of the only styles that has a completely open back for maximum breathability. The purpose of male jockstraps is to hold your package in one place while you perform your daily tasks, and with our high-quality construction, it does just that. Affordable Jockstrap Underwear on a Budget- From sexy jockstraps to lounging jock underwear Male power has the affordable jock strap styles to keep you looking your best no matter the task. With tons of fashion jockstraps under $20 for you to choose from, you can be stylish on a budget. Take a look at our popular jockstrap styles below, feel comfortable and supported all day long, you can thank us later! [/expand]

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Men's g-strings are great choice for when you want to avoid panty lines, or to show of your best assets. We're proud to offer G Strings for men, because men should feel sexy too. Our sexy g-strings are perfect for the guy who wants to flaunt it all.

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We offer the most comfortable pajama pants in the world. When you've got the best, you keep it simple. Silk and Bamboo, that's all you'll ever need. Full coverage, comfortable, and still sexy. You’ll love how these feel. Soft, smooth, non-restrictive fabrics allow for breathable comfort. Along with a sleek, modern design, you’ll still look sexy even when you’re scrolling through the Sunday morning news.

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Shorts are a staple choice for drawers across the world. Most of the Male Power designs have a trunk-like style with a square-cut silhouette offering a body hugging fit. This style can be worn comfortably under any form of clothing. Of course, we do love to offer variety; so you will be sure to find some loose fits as well. The loose fits are better suited for more rugged attire.

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Singlets & More

Convenient. Sexy. One & Done. Singlets are one-piece styles that are great under clothes, or for a daring reveal. The "more" in this category represents the less traditional, unique styles you can't find anywhere else.

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Male Power's T-shirt options may be exclusive, however, we offer the most comfortable choices around! Whether you are choosing bamboo or silk, you'll never want to take off these comfortable shirts! The best part is, you won't have to. While they're meant to be lounge wear, you can definitely wear them out and about!

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Tank Tops

These men's tank tops are perfect for working out, lounging around and clubbing. They are the epitome of stylish, sleeveless shirts that are also super comfortable. They show off your sexy biceps, and most designs are fitted to flaunt your fit physique as well.

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Sexy, playful and comfortable – you can't go wrong with thongs! The low-rise waistbands, supportive front pouches and classic rear strap, create comfortable support with just the right amount of exposed skin. Whether you're looking for a more seductive thong style or one that's a little more subdued we have those styles. Due to the variety of thongs we offer, our men's thong selection is second to none. [expand title= "Learn More About our Male Thong Underwear"] What Are Male Thongs? Male thong underwear is one of the most comfortable mens underwear styles in our opinion, and we think you'll think so too! The great thing about mens thong underwear is it isn't just for one body type, it's for everyone! Regardless of your body type or preference, we have a variety of male thongs to choose from in many different colors, materials, and styles. A male thong is a type with a supportive front pouch, a comfort plush waistband, and a piece of fabric that connects from the pouch to the waistband in the back, going between the buttocks and providing ultimate comfort and support to your package. The great thing about male thongs is how versatile they are, whether you're going for your daily workout, date night, or just a night in and lounging, mens thong underwear is one of the styles for you. Can Men Wear Thongs? Yes, and they do! A lot more men wear thongs than you think, and you should too. Thong underwear is one of our most popular styles, and one of our most comfortable. Men love our thongs since they're minimal and luxurious, while also being comfortable and supportive for whatever life throws at you. You also don't have to have a chiseled body to wear a thong, mens thong underwear is for everyone, regardless of your body type. If you're going to give male thongs a try, then make sure you're trying the high-quality mens thongs that Male Power has to offer. You truly can't get a higher-quality pair of underwear at such an affordable price. What Style is a Sexy Male Thong? Male thongs in their nature are naturally sexy and don't forget, there's nothing sexier than confidence! Some of our sexier styles include or mens sheer thong styles, in addition to our styles that feature netting and transparent material. A variety of our thong underwear also features cutouts and embellishments like zippers, clips, and more! One of our favorite sexy male thong styles is the grip and rip thong, with its ease of removal, it's sure to make time in the bedroom run and playful. How Supportive Are Men's Thongs? Even though thong underwear for men has a lack of fabric behind it, they're just as supportive, if not more supportive than other underwear styles. The pouch on our mens thong underwear is super supportive and will surround your family jewels in comfort and support for daily wear or while working out. Our sports thong and athletic thong underwear are popular styles to choose from when working out or going on a hike, as their breathable fabric and supportive pouch help you feel comfortable and supported during your workout. Mens thong underwear is truly one of the sexiest and most practical styles of mens underwear you can choose. [/expand]

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