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When it comes to picking out underwear for men, style is often an afterthought. We believe that needs to change which is why we offer so many styles of male lingerie for you to choose from. Lace to leather, crotchless to strappy, we have all the men’s lingerie styles you need to feel and look your best. Even if it’s new for you, lace underwear for men really isn’t anything new. Featuring different styles of lace, our men’s lingerie curves your body in all the right places and offers supportive comfort pouches. Next time someone tells you lingerie isn’t for men, prove them wrong in your new pair of sexy male lingerie.

Our Styles of Men’s Lingerie

Male Lace Lingerie

Lace is timeless, sexy, and just looks good! Regardless of your gender, anyone can look good in a pair of lace underwear. Muscular legs and abs, and even dad bods, can look great in a pair of lace lingerie. Our stretch lace collection takes men’s lace underwear to the next level making it incredibly soft, stretchy, and comfortable. Lace briefs and other styles are a great way for men to flaunt their best assets, all without sacrificing comfort. Not to mention, lace contours the package and gives a sneak preview of what’s to come, who doesn’t love a surprise?!

Backless & Crotchless Underwear

There’s something just so sexy about easy access, and that’s what comes along with our backless and crotchless men’s underwear. No more are the days when you struggle to strip down and get down to business, our styles of backless and crotchless underwear make it easy to be ready whenever the time strikes. Not only valuable during spicy nights, but our backless and crotchless men’s underwear helps you feel less restricted and free all day long, which can put you in a good mood because who doesn’t love freedom? Offering crotchless men’s underwear in nylon, stretch lace, and mesh, take your pick on the pair that best fits your style and preference!

Leather Lingerie & Fetish Wear

A style of ours that is sure to make things heat up in the bedroom is our line of leather men’s lingerie. Our styles feature sexy leather, buckles, studs, and straps to make sure to turn heads. Nothing can quite put you or your partner in the mood than the look and feel of a leather lingerie garment. It’s important to us that our men’s leather lingerie is of the utmost quality, as cheap leather will split, crack, and fall apart due to poor craftsmanship. We make sure to provide the highest quality men’s leather underwear that only gets better each time you wear it. Whether you want leather lingerie for special occasions, or for everyday wear, the choice is entirely yours!

Lingerie for Straight Men

One of the biggest focuses of our brand is we like to provide underwear to make everyone both look and feel good, and that has no sexual orientation. Stop worrying about typical gender roles! Just because you prefer women doesn’t mean you can’t also enjoy a pair of sexy lingerie for yourself. When was the last time you looked into a pair of lace lingerie for yourself? Heterosexual men typically enjoy wearing lingerie, as they believe it shows their softer and more submissive side. When choosing a pair of male lingerie, you must consider some factors about your body. Men typically have a different build than women, so as women need more fabric in the back, men need more fabric in the front. Our male lingerie is made to accommodate just that. No need to worry about the coverage, as we have a variety of lingerie styles for you to choose from to find your perfect fit.


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