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Are you thinking of expanding your underwear collection? You can never go wrong with a pair of men’s thong underwear, they’re more comfortable and supportive than you think! From the low-rise waistbands, classic rear strap, and supportive front pouch, the anatomy of a pair of male thong underwear is second to none. Looking for a thong to wear while you work out? We have that. Looking for a thong for date night? We also have that! We’re firm believers that every man should own a couple of thongs in their underwear drawer, and here’s why!

Male Thongs Are Comfortable

When people think of thongs, they think all they’ll have is an all-day wedgie, which couldn’t be more than wrong! The design of our thongs is specifically constructed for comfort. The way the fabric of the men’s thong is constructed is to perfectly hug your package while also accentuating its details. For this reason, you can wear your new thong underwear during all your daily activities. Our favorite style for all-day wear is our super comfortable seamless thong, as it features a seamless and tagless structure while also constructed of a semi-sheer material that wraps your boys in sleek comfort. Don’t be fooled, male thongs made of low-quality material or a poor structure give thongs a bad name. When ordering a men’s thong from Male Power, you can be sure that we make our thong underwear of the highest quality material and a structure that will fit your body perfectly.

Men’s Thongs Are Sexy

There’s nothing sexier than confidence, and a thong can provide just that. Once you slip into a pair of sexy thong underwear, you’ll feel confident, sexy, and ready to tackle anything (or anyone)! Men’s sexy thongs have no sexual orientation attached to them, so whether you’re heterosexual, homosexual, or anything in between or beyond, your partner will be turned on. Thongs are without question an erotic underwear style that’s sure to spice things up in the bedroom and improve your foreplay. Some may think that thongs are “gay underwear” whatever that may mean, but we couldn’t disagree more. Most women love when their partner is in touch with their confident sexy side, and thongs will help you do just that. Our favorite sexy thong style is our strappy thong which’s perfect for keeping your partner aroused.

Thongs Are Supportive

Thongs may look minimal, but they’re one of the most supportive styles of men’s sexy underwear when it comes to your boys. Thongs made for men take your anatomy into account, so your family jewels will be fully supported no matter your daily tasks or activities. Male Power thongs have a contoured pouch with a snug fit to make sure you feel supported in all the right places. Our favorite supportive men’s thong is our satin spandex thong, this spandex thong is made of stretch material with a comfort pouch to conform to your body with every movement. Its elastic trim and T-back add to the support of your pouch, keeping you ready for everything. If you’re looking for a pair of men’s underwear that’s as supportive as it is comfortable and sexy, a thong is the style for you.

Can Men Wear Thongs?

They absolutely can! There’s a common misconception that men cannot wear thongs, but more men wear them than you think. There are several reasons why men often opt to wear a thong, besides just being an overall bold statement. Thongs offer freedom of movement, great support for your package, and are extremely comfortable. Men’s thongs aren’t only for men with chiseled abs, and we invite everyone, regardless of their body type, to give male thongs a try. Don’t know where to even start? Our most popular styles are our men’s bamboo thong and our pure comfort cotton thong for men. Regardless of the style you choose, you can never go wrong with a pair of thong underwear!


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