Men’s Bikini Underwear

Not to be confused with the bikini, men’s bikini underwear is a similar style to briefs, providing the same support as briefs, with a stylish twist that changes them from whitey tidies to comfortable and sexy men’s underwear. Some refer to bikini underwear as a skimpy brief, although not necessarily true. Bikini underwear for men is the perfect match for someone looking for not only practicality but also provides a comfortable fit with a little bit of sexiness.


If you’re someone who typically wears briefs or boxer briefs, we invite you to expand your horizons and try out a pair of men’s bikini underwear in your underwear drawer. Our bikini brief options include high cut (high-rise) and low cut (low-rise), in addition to some fun accents such as cutouts, zippers, rings, and decorative fabrics. Bikini brief underwear is becoming an increasingly popular style among all men, which is why we urge you to hop on the long-term trend, check out our endless bikini brief styles, and find a new favorite pair of men’s underwear.

What is men’s bikini underwear?

When you’re looking for a style of men’s underwear that’s as practical and comfortable as it is appealing and sexy, you should try out a pair of men’s bikini underwear. Bikini styles started out as a swimwear style, but due to their popular nature bikini underwear grew in popularity. Similar to their swimwear counterparts, bikini underwear for men typically have high cuts on the side offering sex appeal without sacrificing practicality and comfort. Bikini underwear for men offers a similar fit to men’s briefs, but with a more stylish look and feel. Men’s bikini underwear offers sex appeal without going over the top.

Do men wear bikini briefs?

Of course, they do! Bikini briefs are one of our most popular styles. Fashionable underwear styles were typically viewed as feminine for men, but that’s no longer the case. As time has progressed all men, regardless of their sexual orientation, have started to care about their underwear. Typically, men were viewed as only able to choose the drab-colored and ill-fitting underwear styles, but that’s no longer the case. Whatever your preference, men can wear bikini briefs.


Whether you’re someone who likes to experiment to try something new, or you’re looking for a pair of men’s wear for every day, bikini briefs are a versatile style. There’s no rule that only men with perfectly toned bodies can wear bikini brief underwear, they’re for all men regardless of their size or body shape. Whether you’re the party animal, homebody, gym rat, etc. bikini briefs are one of the most inclusive styles for all men.

Where to buy men’s bikini underwear

We have a whole section dedicated to affordable and high quantity men’s bikini briefs, you can find all our styles here. When shopping for men’s underwear, you may have difficulty finding underwear styles that are both quality and stylish. Don’t fear, you can find both stylish and quality men’s bikini underwear at Male Power.

How is bikini underwear different than other styles?

There are definitely stark advantages when choosing men’s bikini underwear over other styles. Unlike g strings and thong underwear for men, bikini briefs cover your behind making you feel less exposed and more supported in both the back and the front. Unlike boxer briefs, bikini brief underwear shows more skin making them appealing and sexy. Bikini brief underwear offers more support than other styles, without sacrificing comfort and appeal.

Why should you buy bikini briefs?

Bikini briefs are a modern take on men’s underwear briefs, with all the great characteristics of the style. If you’re looking for a new underwear style, you may wonder why you should choose bikini briefs as your style of choice, this is because:


They’re Supportive- It’s a common misconception that just because an underwear style has less fabric, that makes them less supportive. That couldn’t be less true with our men’s bikini underwear styles. Our bikini brief underwear is constructed with the support of your package in mind, we’d never want to let you down! Our bikini brief styles feature a functional pouch that improves the feel and support from our men’s underwear styles.


They’re Stylish- Skip the whitey tidies, bikini brief underwear for men are stylish due to their design, in addition to our wide variety of fabrics, colors, and styles. We have many bikini styles for you to choose from to fit into your underwear collection. Not only that, but Male Power likes to release new styles, to keep you stylish no matter the occasion.


They’re Comfortable- Security in the front and the back, you’re sure to feel comfortable in a pair of male bikini underwear. The high-quality development of this underwear style offers proper ventilation, but also hugs your body keeping you comfortable whether you’re out for a night on the town, staying in, or working out.


They’re Sexy- Starting with their enhancing pouch, our bikini briefs for men are sure to contour your package and keep you looking your best no matter the occasion. When slipping into a pair of men’s bikini underwear it’s easy to feel confident, and confidence is sexy! With our high-cut bikini briefs and bikini briefs with cutouts, you’re sure to strut your stuff.


They’re Fun- One of the benefits of ordering bikini briefs from Male Power is our array of fun styles. Whether you’re looking for a novelty underwear style or a style with a little more flair, we have the bikini brief styles for your collection. We offer bikini briefs made of net, with zippers, rings, snaps, and more! You really can’t go wrong with a pair of bikini brief underwear.


Bikini underwear for men is practically brief underwear’s sexy sibling with an upgrade. Don’t miss out on this style, you can’t doubt the quality of our men’s underwear!

What are the styles of bikini briefs?

Whether you’re looking for moisture-wicking bikini briefs, lace briefs, mesh briefs, see-through briefs, or pouchless brief underwear for men, we have those styles for you in our men’s bikini brief styles. When buying a pair of underwear that makes you feel great, it’s important to not only pick a style that fits you perfectly, but one that features fun details, bright colors, and stylish fabrics, which is why it’s so important for Male Power to provide these styles.


Some of our favorite styles are:

Backless Bikini Briefs– This style features an open back, with an airotic mesh fabric keeping you cool all day long. If you’re the type that likes to try something out of the ordinary, with semi-sheer fabric, you should try out this style.


Enhancing Bikini Briefs– This style features a soft heather fabric, with a low rise cut and enhancing pouch. If you’re looking for a style that keeps your package looking its best, while also providing maximum comfort this style is for you.


Rip Off Bikini Briefs– If turning heads is your goal, our rip-off bikini briefs are the perfect style for you. Its nylon spandex fabric hugs your package and every curve of your body to keep you looking sexy before you use its strap to rip it off!


Workout Sports Bikini Briefs– If you’re the type that spends hours in the gym, then our camo sport net style bikini is for you. Featuring semi-sheer sport net this style is breathable, supportive, comfortable, and features a stylish camouflage fabric.


Whatever style you decide to choose, our wide variety of men’s bikini underwear is a collection you don’t want to miss out on. Whatever style, color, or fabric you’re looking for we’re sure to have it in our collection. The option is yours to choose from, take a look at our collection of bikini briefs for men, you can thank us later.


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