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Can’t choose between a boxer brief or a thong? Ditch the decision altogether and choose a jockstrap. Jockstraps are the superior choice when it comes to your next new pair of underwear. With their supportive pouch to show off your package, in addition to its plush elastic to help perk up your assets, a jockstrap is a great style to choose from while working out or for everyday wear. Not sure what a jockstrap is, or never seen one before? Let’s break it down for you. Jockstraps have a pouch similar to that of a pair of briefs, with all the support you need in the front. Where a jockstrap differs from a pair of briefs is the style lacks fabric on the behind and instead features two elastic bands starting at the sides and connecting at the very bottom of the pouch.


Jockstraps are pure comfort when it comes to daily wear, keeping you light and fresh while allowing you to breathe throughout the day no matter what life throws at you. Jockstraps may be a sporty style, originally created to offer support and protection during cycling in the 19th century, but don’t worry if you’re not athletic as that’s definitely not a requirement to pull off this sexy pair. If you are the athletic type, you may want to opt for a jockstrap on leg day. Due to the lack of fabric on the behind, jockstraps allow freedom to your legs and glutes while you squat while still providing necessary support with its pouch. We think jockstraps are great for four main reasons:


Jockstraps Provide Support

Your family jewels are locked, loaded, and ready to go no matter what the day brings. You don’t have to worry about a jockstrap not providing support and keeping your manhood nice and secure.

Jockstraps Are Comfortable

At first, you may think that a jockstrap is uncomfortable if it’s something you’re not used to, but keep in on, we promise you’ll forget you even have it on. With our quality fabric, plush waistband, and plush elastic straps, your new Male Power jockstrap will make you feel like you’re not even wearing underwear.

Jockstraps Help You Breathe

As we’ve mentioned earlier, jockstraps are without fabric on the buttocks, which is great for avoiding a sweaty rear whether you’re working out or just going through your normal daily tasks. While wearing a jockstrap you really have all the space to breathe as you need, especially since there’s no restrictive fabric on your butt.

Jockstraps Are Sexy

If for no other reason you choose to try out a jockstrap than that you think they’re sexy, we’ll take it! Mostly because we agree with you, although everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Whether you’re looking for a jockstrap from our Bamboo line or a more erotic style like the one from our Diamond Mesh line, you’re sure to turn heads if you’re caught in such a sexy pair of underwear.


One-half fashion, the other half comfort, mens jockstraps are one of the most versatile pairs of underwear you can own! Jocks will never sacrifice comfort or support, while also offering minimal coverage you’re sure to feel free under all your clothes. You’ll never go wrong with a Male Power Jock. In recent years, especially among gay men, jockstraps have increased in popularity not only because of their practical uses when it comes to working out or playing sports, but also the comfort they provide and the sex appeal they add to the bedroom. Whether you’re in a committed relationship or friends with benefits situation, your partner will thank you for showing off your best assets in a jockstrap. Don’t be shy, check out the jockstrap styles we provide.


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